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Deep in the caribbean, far far away, in the most beautiful island  you will ever lay your eyes on! on a bright autumn
morning on October 24th was
born the most gorgeous baby you will ever see. Born into this world at the time with the purpose of bringing joy to the lives of father Dexter Theodore (QC) and Mother Jacqueline Theodore (former Carnival Queen 89′). It was a magical moment, the last push came about 9:45am, and thus I was brought into existence, an 8 pound 3 1/4 ounce healthy baby boy, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and success! This thirst for knowledge would be my driving force for the next couple years. This is what has ensured my inevitable success.
My name is  Yannick Theodore, and today Im going to give you a once in a life time detailed description about myself, from my eyes, my point of view. I am from the beautiful island of St.Lucia, which is south west of Barbados (home of rihanna) and directly south of Martinique. My country is packed with an amazing heritage,and is thus a number one tourist destination island. The islanders are pretty much laid backeasy going, hard working people with a positive attitude which makes St.Lucia a paradise destination spot.  I tend to follow along that same line of easy going, laid back and hard working, but with a slight twist. I’m also alert, focused dedicated and a well experienced guy, standing around 6’1“, with broad firm shoulders, and  a smile that can charm the queen her self into submission! My arms are lengthy with enough muscle to pack a punch for sure! I got black, short well groomed hair, dark brown eyes and skin like gold, that shimmers under the morning sun. I am a man of many interests, and appreciate the finer things. Such interests include, partying, clubbing, working on my businesses, going to the movies, traveling the world, watching television, engaging in educational conversations, a sweet attractive woman, funny people, playing sports, working out, meeting new people, ice skating, skiing and many others you will have to get to know in person.  I attended the RC boys primary school up until standard (grade) four until my parents saw it fit to send me to private school. There I furthered my education for the next two years. I met many great friends there, who graduated with me and whom I later met in High School. I graduated with an average of 95% in my Common Entrance Exam and was accepted into the most prestigious High School on the island. I attended Saint Mary’s College(SMC) for the next five years, in which I learnt almost everything I know today! I graduated from SMC with an average of 97% and later got accepted into the only University on the island, Sir Arthur Lewis! There I spent the next two years of my life. I can’t say I did not enjoy it. I then moved on to further my studies abroad in Canada where I have been ever since. Graduated from the University in Canada, and attained a business degree. (My Bachelors in business management) and came back to my country. Currently I own and run seven businesses. I am also owner of my own clothing line, Apololo Apparels, google it some time! I own a prestigious Real Estate Business, and Retail Jordan sneakers online, I also own a Film company, Apololo Films, that makes all your dreams come true. Visit the website sometime!
I am sure many of you may be wondering what this web page is about! This page will be a compilation of many short stories, articles, blogs, Posts and so on! This here site is also for all those who would like to get to know me, but never quite mustered up the courage to do so. I keep you guys in mind. I designed this site just for you! Throughout my travels, I have been featured in many famous television shows, interviews, advertisements, movies, magazines and programs around the world. I had the time of my life, meeting and greeting with new friends, learning new things, experiencing new things, wining and dining, partying, seeing new places and then it hit me, I needed a way to document my experiences! I thus ventured forth in search of a way to document my stories! and this page is an attempt to re-live these moments. I finally stumbled upon this word press platform! With great haste I decided to forward my work further, and publish it for you guys to view, and enjoy yourselves in your spare time.It is in my opinion that you guys can help me out as well and commend my bold efforts, and decorate my web page with your excellent, child friendly comments.
I love, having fun, going out, partying, going on adventures, meeting new people, doing new things, photoshoots, directing, shooting advertisements, videos, movies, acting and the art of writing, and have loved them for as long as i can remember! I am a fun, loving guy, but don’t get me angry! You won’t like me angry! Writing is a deep rooted passion of mine, from conception. Directing has also been a passion of mine, as well as acting. I have directed many movies, advertisements, photoshoots and shows. I also do acting as well. Starring in many publications, advertisements, movies and videos, even blogs on occasion. I do a good job actually! Countless hours were spent, writing 10 page stories, depicting many different themes of victory and heroism! short stories, plays, scripts, books and so on. The world of writing has and endless array of possibilities. The stories I write are amazing, action packed, and nothing short of great!


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