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Deep in the caribbean, far far away, in the most beautiful island you will ever lay your eyes on! on a bright autumn
slyou mag cover photo (insta)morning on October 24th was born the most gorgeous baby you will ever see. Born into this world at the time with the purpose of bringing joy to the lives of father Dexter Theodore a kings council (KC), and also a prominent Judge, and Mother Jacqueline Theodore (former Carnival Queen 89′) and also a law firm manager. It was a magical moment, the last push came about 9:45am, and thus I was brought into existence, an 8 pound 3 1/4 ounce healthy baby boy, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and success! This thirst for knowledge would be my driving force for the next couple years. This is what has ensured my inevitable success.
My name is  Yannick Theodore, and today Im going to give you a once in a life time detailed description about myself and my life. I am from the beautiful island of St.Lucia, which is south west of Barbados (home of rihanna) and directly south of Martinique. My country is packed with an amazing heritage,and is thus a number one tourist destination island. The islanders are pretty much laid back, easy going, hard working people with a positive attitude which makes St.Lucia a paradise destination spot.  I tend to follow along that same line of easy going, laid back and hard working, but with a slight twist. I’m also alert, focused dedicated and a well experienced guy, standing around 6’1″, with broad firm shoulders, and  a smile that can charm the queen her self into submission! My arms are lengthy with enough muscle to pack a punch for sure! I got black, short well groomed hair, dark brown eyes and skin like gold, that shimmers under the morning sun. I am a man of many interests, and appreciate the finer things in life. Such interests include, partying, clubbing, working on my businesses, going to the movies, traveling the world, watching television, engaging in educational conversations, a sweet attractive woman, funny people, playing sports, working out, meeting new people, ice skating, skiing and many others you will have to get to know in person.
In addition to my many interests I also have many hobbies that I love to engage myself in. I love having fun, going out, partying, going on adventures, meeting new people, doing new things, photoshoots, directing, shooting advertisements, videos, movies, acting and the art of writing, and have loved them for as long as i can remember! I am a fun, loving guy, but don’t get me angry! You won’t like me when I’m angry! Writing is a deep rooted passion of mine, from conception. Directing has also been a passion of mine, as well as acting. I have directed many movies, advertisements, photoshoots, shows and videos. I also do acting as well. Starring in many publications, advertisements, movies and videos, even blogs on occasion. I do a good job actually! Countless hours were spent, writing 10 page stories, depicting many different themes of victory and heroism! short stories, plays, scripts, books and so on. The world of writing has and endless array of possibilities. The stories I write are amazing, action packed, and nothing short of great!
In 1994, I attended the RC boys primary school where I stayed up until standard (grade) four when my parents saw it fit to send me to private schooling in 1999. There I furthered my education for the next two years. I met many great friends there, who graduated with me and whom I later met in High School. In 2002, I graduated with an average of 95% in my Common Entrance Exam and was accepted into the most prestigious High School on the island. I attended Saint Mary’s College(SMC) for the next five years, in which I learnt almost everything I know today! While attending the Saint Mary’s College, in 2005, I had the privilege of representing my country internationally many times, participating in many lawn tennis and table tennis tournaments, and won many awards for my valiant endeavours. I was training to go pro, and become a professional lawn tennis player, but due to unforeseen circumstances, mainly school and attaining an education, I was unable to pursue my dreams of going pro. None the less I still enjoyed the many years I played, lawn tennis, and appreciate all the opportunities awarded to me.
In 2007 I graduated from The Saint Mary’s College (SMC) with passing grades. Despite passing, I decided to put a pause on furthering my education for one year and decided to work instead. I made some good money that year, working many odd jobs, doing landscaping, office work, deliveries, baby sitting, washing cars, and many other odd jobs. Because I was so young at the time it was certainly not a problem for me, to do these odd jobs, and I was not perturbed in the least. All I cared about was making some money. After that year I decided to unpause furthering my education and later got accepted into the only University on the island, The Sir Arthur Lewis! That’s where I spent the next two years of my life. I can’t say I did not enjoy it. It was fun! In 2010 I moved on to further my studies abroad in Canada where I have been ever since. Graduated from the University in Canada four years later, and attained a business degree. (My Bachelors in business management) and came back to my country in 2016.
Since then I was able to successfully open several businesses. I Currently own and run seven businesses to be exact. I am also owner of my own clothing line, Apololo Apparels, founded in 2014I own a prestigious Real Estate Business founded in 2015, and Retail Jordan sneakers online founded in 2016, and I also own a Film company, Apololo Films, founded in 2017. I advise booking a photoshoot sometime, you won’t regret it. Since I’ve been back I’ve had the privilege of being featured in many magazines, television ads, radio shows, television shows and also a movie. Can’t say that I’m not pleased about this. I’ve attained more success than I had before I left, which is great. Since being back I have certainly gained a new perspective on life and my country. I must say, 2016-2019 have really been the best years for me. Not just because I’m back home in my own country, but because of all the opportunities I have been given, and all the new friends I’ve made, and all the fun I’ve had. I think I’ve had more fun in those three years, than I’ve had in my entire life. Coming back home has really been a blessing. There’s no place like home.
I wasn’t always the charming success that I am today. I was a rambunctious boy, with an extraordinary desire for adventure. I would spend much of my days on various adventurous escapades with my friends. I seldom was alone because I believed that life is more fun with friends. My younger days were filled with fun and adventure as a result.  I traveled a lot, frequently visiting the US, Canada, and various caribbean islands when I did. I visited Mexico this one time and Tennessee. One of my fondest memories was when I visited Miami for the first time in 1998. I was seven at the time, and that was the first time I have ever been. Miami was so beautiful. I remember everything as if it was yesterday. I remember visiting the different theme parks, and going on the different rides. It was amazing. That was the first time I have ever visited sea world and Universal studios as well. Universal Studios is where all my favourite childhood television shows and cartoons was created and produced. You can imagine how elated I was. That was a glorious occasion. Which I enjoyed immensely. I remember traveling to New York as well. The big city as it is more popularly known. The City that never sleeps I called it. I distinctly remember shops staying opened at all hours of the night, I remember seeing persons hustling and bustling around on the streets way past midnight, sirens could be heard wailing at 2 o’clock in the morning as if it was broad daylight. I remember time square being always packed with numerous persons. It was unbelievable. Never had I been to a place like New York before. I remember traveling to Canada as well to visit family. That was before I decided to move there, in 2010. It was a different experience. I must say. I loved it. My parents were not always lenient like other parents, so that posed a problem for me most times. My adventurous free spirit, nature and their strict no nonsense attitude would cause us to butt heads from time to time. They insisted that I stay home and be in my books, when all I wanted to do was go out on my next adventure. This did not sit well with me at all. I hated staying home, when I could be exploring some remote part of the island. As a result, despite the fact that we traveled a lot I still wasn’t truly happy.  It wasn’t all bad, my father and mother, being the stickler for discipline, instilled in me some core values that I carry with me even today. I was introduced to exercising at a very young age, by my father off course, which I’m grateful for, and my mother encouraged me to join tennis and pursue my dream of going pro, which never did occur, but she was behind me every step of the way.
My days did not only consist of me traveling and having fun at various theme parks. It would be remiss of me to omit the fact that like any other young boy, I was very mischievous, some may refer to my behavior as bad, as a result, I would often find myself getting into trouble, arguments and even fights for various reasons. I always won though. At the time I was very aggressive and did not accept any disrespect from anyone and despite what anyone though or said, I would still consider myself a bit mischievous. I was very opinionated, and was not shy about vocalising my opinions. I was very big for my age and was not afraid to us my size to my advantage. I was never bullied, but I did a lot of the bullying. I never broke any bones, but I did burst my head a few times. I was never rushed to the hospital in any emergency, but I did get sick many times. I never lost a fight, but I did lose many meaningful relationships. This all changed as I grew older. As I grew my maturity grew along with me, thus allowing me to grow out of my aggression, and rambunctiousness and become the more tolerable, respectable, powerful man that I am today. I am who I am because of my strong desire to change.
In 2014 the evolution took place, this is when I really became the man that I am today. This is when my maturity really took effect and completely changed me. This is when I embarked on my journey to success. This is when I began going to the gym again. This is when I began working hard. This is when I began praying more, and partying less. Let me just say the road to success wasn’t easy. It was filled with many twist and turns, obstacles and hurdles I had to over come. Even when you’re successful it’s still filled with obstacles. But I inevitably over came them. The journey wasn’t an easy one either, but I made it. Before I could begin my journey, I had to make a tough decision though. I had to mentally condition my mind to change, I had to mentally condition myself to get up, and make that change, and decide to make something of myself. It didn’t just happen over night. It was a process. A process that took me years to complete. I’m thankful that I got up and decided to make a better life for myself though. I’m happy that I made that change. My life was really in a dark place at the time, back in the early 2000s, and if I did not make that change, who knows where I might have ended up today. In order to ameliorate my situation, I had to change who I associated with, I had to spend the next couple of years working on myself, I had to go out less, I had to stop drinking alcohol, and I had to work out more. In May of 2014 was when I created my first website and started my first business. 2014 was also the year The Chronicles Of Yannick began. I was young back then so I decided to venture into business by starting a clothing line. It was a great success, and was generating a lot of revenue. It was such a success I decided to expand to real estate the following year.
The years leading up to my eventual return to my country consisted of extreme hard work, putting in many hours, meetings, interviews, website designing, apparel designing, supervising, carefully sculpting and shaping my career. This is referred to as the come up. My come up was not easy. Especially having to come up in a foreign country. It was probably the most challenging ordeal I have ever gone through. The work load was immense not to mention excruciating, the amount of hours of work required was tremendous, the amount of focus, dedication and determination needed was enormous. The number of sleepless nights required is astounding. Who ever said success can be attained within 24 hours clearly was lying. It takes years of hard work and determination.
In 2017 I was hired to work in a law firm. Started off as an accountant. It wasn’t easy at first, took some getting used to, but eventually I got used to the change in environment. I worked diligently everyday, and steadily climbed up the ladder. By 2019 I was promoted to accountant manager. A position I was determined to keep. With great pride and honor I began to work even harder than before. This position was a blessing bestowed upon me, and I didn’t intend to lose it. By 2021, I was given an additional position in the firm. I was bestowed the position of compliance manager. In other words I was put in charge of company security. I am in charge of screening all new incoming clients to the firm, and ensuring that the firm does not work with any wanted criminals. This was a big position given to me, which I graciously accepted. In life you never turn down opportunities, you never know where it might lead you. Some opportunities just might make you a multi-billionaire.
In 2019 tragedy struck. On the 28th of November, my beloved grand mother passed away. She was 90 years old. Although she died of old age I was still devastated none the less. She was my rock, and now she is gone. I was thrown into mourning for the remainder of the year. Earlier that year I traveled to England for a long overdue vacation. Shortly after more tragedy struck, and the world was introduced to the covid-19 virus. Just when I thought things could not get worse. The virus devastated the world and each and every economy around the world. Everything got shut down as a result. The world was put on lock down for 2 years, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. Millions of lives were lost and billions of dollars too. The covid virus was one of the worst tragedies since World War II. The covid virus forced me to have to work from home. Many persons I know, myself included at one point was infected with the virus. 2020, was a slow year, majority of it was either spent indoors on lock down or outside in quarentine. Wearing a mask and curfew became a norm. Everyone was still petrified about getting the virus. Towards the ending of 2020, vaccines began emerging, and persons began getting vaccinated. In prevent myself from getting fatally ill, and stay alive, I made the educated decision to get 2 vaccine shots and a booster shot as added protection. This help tremendously, as you may know because I am still alive today as a result. I did contract the virus though, but it was not fatal. By 2021, life as you know it, began going back to normal.
In 2021 I acquired a new villa in cap estate, for a hefty sum of money.  That’s another accomplishment crossed off the bucket list. Later that year I moved into my new villa. It was a glorious occasion. The last box was carried into the villa at 2pm.  I had officially moved in. My beautiful villa is a massive five bedroom 3 bathroom villa, with a breath taking view of the neighbourhood. Surrounded by a fence and massive gates my villa is situated at the top of an inclined road. One of my most prized accomplishments, worth every penny. I often host many games nights, and movie nights in my villa, and host to many estranged persons looking for a place to stay. My villa is really a marvel of modern technology.
In 2022 tragedy struck again. Unfortunately for the second time, I lost another grand mother to old age. On January 11th 2022, my favourite, beloved grandmother passed away. She was 86 years old. She was a vibrant, strong woman, and will be missed dearly. The pain I felt was excruciating.  I was heartbroken yet again. Only 3 years after the passing of my first grand mother, I was overcome with grief yet again. She was the apple of my eye, my second mother to me, and now she was gone. On the bright side, shortly after her passing though I did travel to Paris, France, on August 3rd. It was a well deserved vacation, considering I hadn’t traveled since 2019. It was magical, and certainly did the job. Traveling wasn’t the only highlight of the year. Later that year, after my travels I was elected president of my daughters elementary school, Parent Teacher Association (PTA). It was a glorious occasion. In 2027 I plan to fulfil my life long dream and construct some mega structures at strategic locations throughout my country. This expansion has been set in motion for a while now, and in 2027 I intend to lay down the foundation and bring my dream to fruition. It won’t be easy, and it will be tedious, but with the support of my family and friends I will be successful. Hard work and determination is the key to success, and through work work and determination I will succeed.
Throughout my travels, I have been featured in many famous television shows, interviews, advertisements, movies, magazines and programs around the world. I’ve had the time of my life, meeting and greeting with new people, making new friends, learning new things, experiencing new things, wining and dining, partying, seeing new places, traveling. I have been really fortunate throughout my life and I am thankful for that. Success would not have been accomplished without persistency, dedication, and focus. I must say hard work really does pay off. Consistency in everything you do is very important. I am blessed, It has truly been an amazing 8 years, and I am eternally grateful.

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