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The english language is a fascinating one! It is made up of sentences, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and much more. A sentence is comprised of a series of words strung together to provide an explanation for current events, to provide suggestions as to a probable cause, or simply to express an emotion! That’s why I Yannick Theodore have decided to use the english language to my advantage! Throughout my life, I have undergone a never ending learning process, which has allowed me to come up with various quotes for various situations! Now like never before, learn some of these amazing quotes, and you to can use them in your daily activities.
In life you will always be faced with adversities/drama, heart break, hurt, pain, resentment. What matters is how you respond to the drama/deal with it. When faced with adversities, the ultimate goal is to avoid the drama, ignore the BS, and live your life. Life your life they way you want to. Enjoy the finer things life has to offer. Enjoy going to the beach, enjoy watching a movie, enjoy being alive. Never let anyone prevent you from enjoying/living your life. Life is short. Live it!
There is a time in everyones life when they must change their old way of living and focus on their new lifestyle. Change is inevitable, some change is good, some change is bad, but not all. Change sometimes brings prosperity. Change is a sign of maturity. Sometimes you change to improve your life. Once you’ve change, try to remain committed, don’t be going back and forth in your mind. Remember why you changed in the first place, and focus on your new way of living.
Intelligence is a gift to be used for the good of man kind, and not to be used to destroy. To many intelligent people, use they intelligence to help destroy mankind, to harm mankind, to ridicule mankind. This is wrong. Learn to use your intelligence to help, to protect, to develop, to support, to inspire, to motivate, to teach, and to enhance.
A wise person listens and learns, a wiser person listens and learns from his mistakes, but the wisest person listens and learns from others mistakes. Always try to remember that. We all make mistakes, but what makes us wise is learning from our mistakes, but the wisest person learns from the mistakes of others, in order to improve themselves.
Never judge anyone based on appearances, most times you’re usually wrong. That is so true. Most times you may think someone is less fortunate than you because of the way they dress, or speak, but in actuality they may be more fortunate than you. You may think someone is dumber than you because of they way they speak, but in actuality they may be smarter than you. Everyone is different. Learn to accept people and not judge people.
Life is better at the beach, especially when life gets stressful. A good sea bath is just the solution. A nice cool sea bath is all you need sometimes, to help take the stress away, and help you relax.
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