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The english language is a fascinating one! It is a series of words strung together to provide an explanation for happening events, to provide suggestions as to a probable cause, or simply to express emotion! That’s why I Yannick Theodore have decided to use the english language to my advantage! Throughout my life, I have undergone a never ending learning process, which has allowed me to come up with various quotes for various situations! Now like never before, learn some of these amazing quotes, and you to can use them in your daily activities.

1. change!

Change  is the process of altering who your are, in the attempts of bettering yourself in some way or the other. Through out all my travels it is realized that this concept of change is an uncommon practice throughout the world. Most person are resistant to change, and the joys brought about after it! Change does not always have to be a bad thing! Change could be good, depending on perception! Always make an effort to make a positive change today! This phrase was used as a campaign slogan to motivate personal employed to better their work efforts.

2. get your head right2

The value for life needs to go on the rise! Each and everyone of you has a right to be here! Appreciate your life, and don’t ever devalue it! Love the life you live and do the things you love! Sinking in the sand pit refers to getting bankrupt, or killed, or burnt alive, any tragic unfortunate event basically. “Be smart, learn the rules and learn it quick, cause you might just end up sticking in that sand pit.”

3. happyness

Happiness is the key to a successful life. It is not easy to obtain, but yet still widely sort after! True happiness, is said to be the greatest feeling ever! That goes without saying, but it is a fact the each and every one of you are seeking that one thing that is going to truly make you happy! It is not bought for sure. Wouldn’t that be excellent! Being able to just walk to the shop, and purchase a bottle of happy!  On my search for happiness i sometimes wished i could purchase a bottle of happy, sure did! Unfortunately it does not work out that way. True happiness is attained after fulfilling your duties of assistance to those lose fortunate! Thats the secret to true happiness!


money quote

Stacking money isn’t always the easiest thing. My above mentioned way is one of the best ways of doubling the little you have. You got to read between the lines. In other words keep your money to yourself and in your pocket. In the end the results will be great!


Rope Swing

Every one’s time must come! Before its your time, strive to leave fond memories of yourself behind! Watch your manners, and control the anger! In the end you will never be forgotten!



Money can’t buy love, but love can’t pay your bills!


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