10 Things To Do Before Christmas


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Want to have a jolly Christmas? But don’t know what to do? Is your Christmas season not that jolly anymore? Want some fun Christmas ideas? Want to spice up your Christmas season? This is the article for you. Follow my tips below, and start enjoying the christmas season in no time.

Many of you may not know, but Christmas preparations are a lot of hard work. It takes weeks of planning, and lots of spending. That is why I encourage you to save well, and spend wisely this Christmas season. Don’t just go out buying everything you think looks good, or you think you might have use for at some point. Buy only the things you need, and the things that will help make your Christmas season more fun. Don’t over spend, but don’t under spend as well. Find a balance. Below I have listed 10 things to do before Christmas, follow them, and have a jolly Christmas this year.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies, is always fun if done correctly. The best way to bake Christmas cookies, is with a large group of friends/family. It is always more fun in a group. Baking Christmas cookies alone is never a good idea. It’s not as fun as baking with a group of friends. Baking with a group of friends builds long lasting friendships. Baking with friends is a good way to make the Christmas season more enjoyable. Encourage your friends to come over and help bake. Engage them in delightful conversation, and have a jolly Christmas this year.

Put Up Decorations

Putting up decorations is another great way of enjoy the Christmas season. It is advised that you put up the Christmas decorations, with family/friends. It is always more fun, than doing it alone! Decorations should be put up early, some time in November. The earlier the better. Don’t forget to put up the outside decorations as well. They are very important. Light up your neighbourhood with you decorations. Its ok. Putting up decorations is all part of the Christmas preparations. The best way to put up decorations is with family/friends. Its a lot more fun. Thats part of the Christmas fun.

Play Christmas Music

Playing Christmas music/ singing karaoke, is always a great way to have some fun this Christmas season. Playing Christmas music is a great way of  bringing the family together, and enjoying each others company. Also it helps you relax and will make you happier. Singing, also relieves stress and tension. Try it some time, encourage your family to have a family Christmas karaoke night, for the entire family, even friends, and watch all the fun everyone has.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping with family and friends, is a wonderful way of having some Christmas fun. Something about shopping for gifts, just brightens up everyones mood. Be careful tho, one wrong move and that could be the end of someones Christmas fun. When christmas shopping, always try to get your family/friends one gift before Christmas. That always brightens up someones day. Also, while Christmas shopping try to get yourself a gift. That is very important. It’s all good to make someone else happy, but you must try, to make yourself happy. Remember that.

Give Back/Donations

Giving back is another great way of having some Christmas fun. Remember Christmas is about giving and receiving. That is why it is very important that you give to the less fortunate. It is lots of fun, and you make lots of new friends, and meet lots of new people. Give back/Donate old toys, games, electronics, appliances, and anything else you no longer use. It is good to give back. Try it some time.

Watch Christmas Movies/Shows

Watching Christmas movies/shows is a must this Christmas season. Watching Christmas movies/shows is fun and entertaining. If you were not in the Christmas mood before you definitely will be now. Christmas movies/shows bring joy. They’re a great way of relaxing. Christmas movies/shows, definitely put you in the Christmas mood. Remember that.

Spend Time With Family/Friends

Spending time with family and friends is very important this Christmas season. Let them know you care. Share some love. You will be greatly rewarded. Spending time with friends, is lots of fun, and will definitely put you in the Christmas mood. Spending time with family/friends will help you have a jolly Christmas. Try it some time, and find out for yourself. Play different Christmas games, watch movies together, have a karaoke, tell stories, just spend time together.

Make A Christmas Menu

A Christmas menu is also very important. When preparing for Christmas it is important that you prepare your Christmas menu  It is very easy . Simply jot down some of your favourite delicious meals on a piece of paper. Then you go out and get the ingredients to make them, and thats it, its that easy. Now you have a Christmas meal menu. Food is very important, on Christmas day! Christmas without food is a disaster. Having a Christmas menu, helps keep your Christmas lunch organized.

Organize A Christmas Lunch

 In preparation for Christmas it is very important that you organize a big Christmas lunch, for family and friends. A lunch is the best way, to bond with family and friends. That is why it is advised that you host a lunch. Lunch is one of the many Christmas traditions, and the most delicious one. A lunch is lots of fun, and easy to organize. Simply call up some family and friends, and invite them over to your place for lunch. Then you go out and get the different ingredients you need to prepare some of your favourite delicious meals. Then you prepare them and lay them out on your favourite table, and thats it. You have prepared a Christmas lunch!

Throw Christmas Parties/Attend Christmas Parties

Throwing a Christmas party/ attending one certainly is a great way of having fun this Christmas season. Parties, are very entertaining, and a great way to meet new people and new friends. Parties, are good stress relievers. Parties will definitely put you in the Christmas mood. Throw one or two parties this season. You are guaranteed to enjoy it. Better yet, attend a few parties this season, and enjoy yourself. You will definitely be in the Christmas mood after.

“Save well, Spend wisely”- Yannick Theodore


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