How To Get Hired


Looking for a job? But can’t find one? Been to a couple of interviews but for some reason you didn’t get the job? Need some expert help, getting a job? Worried you may never get a job? Worry no more! I have just the solution. Follow my tips below, and get hired in no time!

When looking for a job there are some fundamental tips you must remember. You may be invited to many interviews, but that does not mean you will get the job! I am an employer, trust me I will know. An employer generally will invite you to an interview so that they can get to meet you in person. Some of you may be wondering, why, would the employer invite me to an interview just to meet me in person?  The answer is simple, because the employer needs to know, what kind of person you are. Appearance is very important. They can generally tell by the way you are dressed. They also need to know if you will fit in. Generally employers have a certain way they want all their employees to dress. Some might want that professional look. Some might be more casual and want the casual look. It is advised that you know your employer, and know what look he/she is looking for before an interview.

All employers know what they want from an employee the night before the interview. What you need to do now is reassure the employer that you are what the company needs! You will contribute and help the company grow in some way. But that’s not all. An employer receives tons of applications daily, and interviews many qualified candidates, daily, so your job is to stand out. When writing up your CV, it is very important you write-up a CV that stands out! Everyone may apply, and everyone may be invited to an interview, but not everyone gets the job. Theres a fine line that divides getting the job and not getting the job. Below I have listed a couple of tips, that should help you get your next job.

Learn How To Make A Good Resume

A resume is very important, and writing up a good resume is even more important. Your resume is the first thing an employer sees, therefore your resume has to be a good representation of yourself. It is fundamental that your resume captures the attention of the employer. Your resume must include; your qualifications, skills, background info, and experience. Everyone can make a resume, but can you make a good resume? that’s the question. A good resume is essential, when trying to get hired. A good resume will give you an advantage over the competition.

Make A List Of Good Skills

When writing up a good resume it is very important that you let the employer know what you are good at, especially if you are not very qualified. Therefore when writing up a resume, don’t forget to include any skills you may possess that are pertinent to the job. These skills may include your ability to work in a team, verbal communication skills, creating reports, computer proficiency, planning and organizing a work schedule, and decision-making and problem solving. Employers look for that. Employers generally like to hire skillful people. Remember that.

Make A Resume That Corresponds With The Job You Are Applying For

When making a resume it is very important that a make a resume that pertains to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for a job as a bank teller, make a resume that show cases your skills as a teller. Your resume should boast your skills, not make you look stupid. Your resume should include:

  • Your name in a large font on the top of the page, with your contact details (address, email and telephone number) underneath in a smaller font size.

  • Your experience should come next. Provide a chronological list of where you have worked with bullet points of your accomplishments underneath.

  • List your education, including where you went to school, the degree achieved, the date, and any honors, achievements and transferable skills.

  • Finally, list skills relevant to the position.

Try to keep your resume short and sweet. Resumes are generally 2 – 3 pages long, not more than that. Your resume should help you get a job, not lose one.

Study The Company Before Hand

When going for an interview it is very important you study the company the night before. You need to be well-informed about the company and the employer. Employers generally ask what do you know about the company. That is why it is imperative, that you know about the company and the employer, before you get interviewed. This will show the employer that you are serious about working for them. Think about researching the following;

  • What is the company’s mission statement? What are its objectives?

  • What skills and values does the company look for?

  • Who are the key players in the company?

  • If you are told who will be interviewing with, try to find out a little bit about their background.

If you can come up with the answer for these questions you are in a good place. The employer will be very impressed, and think highly of you. That is good! That will make them consider you more.

Research Commonly Asked Interview Questions

If you are asked to come to an interview, it is advised you research some interview questions the night before. This gives you an advantage over the competition. Knowing what the employer may ask you before hand, is a great plus. It makes you feel more relaxed and confident. Some common interview questions include the following:

  • Tell us about yourself? You will not want to be too wordy with this response, a one minute response will do.

  • Why did you apply for this job? Be honest, and tell them what is appealing about the job and the company.

  • What do you know about our company? Draw on the research you have done on the company.

  • What questions do you have for me? You might ask for more details on the day-to-day duties of the position, the growth of the company, or your potential for advancement in the company.

The best advice I can give, is be prepared. Those who get the job are the ones who are prepared, and study the night before. Stay calm and think positive.


When going for an interview, always be well dressed. Appearance does matter, and it is key, when getting interviewed. Remember the employer wants to know what type of person you are, by the way you dress. Don’t give them the wrong impression. Always look professional, with you hair well-combed and your teeth well brushed. Avoid shorts, flip-flops, jeans, and other casual attire. This is a turn off. An employer will not want to hire someone who shows up to an interview with shorts and flip-flops. Employers want someone who is highly qualified, and well dressed.

Body Language

Body language is very important. When in an interview with an employer, it is imperative that you be cheerful, polite, sweet, and charming. When in an interview try to follow the tips:

  • Make sure you do not slouch.

  • Do not break eye contact during conversation. However, be mindful not to stare.

  • Do not cross your arms. Instead, keep them open in a friendly manner.

  • Avoid fidgeting or touching your face.

Also it is very crucial that you let you employer know what contribution you are prepared to make. In other words, how are you going to help the company grow, develop, or make more money? That is primarily what the employer is looking for.  Why should the employer hire you and not someone else? An employer is not going to want to hire someone who is not going to help the company grow, or make more money. Try to remember that! An employer will hire you because you can help the company make more money, or get more clients/customers. If you can’t help the company grow, make money, or get more clients/customers you won’t be hired!

Be Punctual

It is advised that you show up to an interview 5 minutes before. Go over your notes. Avoid coming late, or showing up to early! This shows the employer that you are punctual. That is always a good sign. Employers like punctual employees. Late employees are not employed for long. Remember that! Also arrive prepared, with a pen, paper, several copies of your resume, your ID, your qualifications, and any certificates you may hold.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is good! It shows the employer that you are interested in the company and the job. You may want to ask questions about employee benefits, salaries, employee experience, room for advancement, or the next steps in the hiring process. Regardless, ask questions that demonstrate that you are familiar with the company and the job. This always impresses the employer. An employer is always happy to help.

Follow Up After Interview

Some employers usual take between a week to two weeks to decide. If three weeks has passed and you still haven’t gotten a response, or a call back, it is advised that you politely call the employer, or send a polite email, enquiring whether you have gotten the job or not.

  • Keep the follow-up emails brief and polite. Hiring managers are generally very busy, so try to be patient.

  • Try a note that looks something like this: “Dear Manager, Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I enjoyed learning about the company and the position, and I am very excited about the prospects of joining the team. I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps in the process.”

“Let the employer know how you are going to help them make money, and you will be hired in no time!” – Yannick Theodore



10 Things To Do Before Christmas article3

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Want to have a jolly Christmas? But don’t know what to do? Is your Christmas season not that jolly anymore? Want some fun Christmas ideas? Want to spice up your Christmas season? This is the article for you. Follow my tips below, and start enjoying the christmas season in no time.

Many of you may not know, but Christmas preparations are a lot of hard work. It takes weeks of planning, and lots of spending. That is why I encourage you to save well, and spend wisely this Christmas season. Don’t just go out buying everything you think looks good, or you think you might have use for at some point. Buy only the things you need, and the things that will help make your Christmas season more fun. Don’t over spend, but don’t under spend as well. Find a balance. Below I have listed 10 things to do before Christmas, follow them, and have a jolly Christmas this year.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies, is always fun if done correctly. The best way to bake Christmas cookies, is with a large group of friends/family. It is always more fun in a group. Baking Christmas cookies alone is never a good idea. It’s not as fun as baking with a group of friends. Baking with a group of friends builds long lasting friendships. Baking with friends is a good way to make the Christmas season more enjoyable. Encourage your friends to come over and help bake. Engage them in delightful conversation, and have a jolly Christmas this year.

Put Up Decorations

Putting up decorations is another great way of enjoy the Christmas season. It is advised that you put up the Christmas decorations, with family/friends. It is always more fun, than doing it alone! Decorations should be put up early, some time in November. The earlier the better. Don’t forget to put up the outside decorations as well. They are very important. Light up your neighbourhood with you decorations. Its ok. Putting up decorations is all part of the Christmas preparations. The best way to put up decorations is with family/friends. Its a lot more fun. Thats part of the Christmas fun.

Play Christmas Music

Playing Christmas music/ singing karaoke, is always a great way to have some fun this Christmas season. Playing Christmas music is a great way of  bringing the family together, and enjoying each others company. Also it helps you relax and will make you happier. Singing, also relieves stress and tension. Try it some time, encourage your family to have a family Christmas karaoke night, for the entire family, even friends, and watch all the fun everyone has.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping with family and friends, is a wonderful way of having some Christmas fun. Something about shopping for gifts, just brightens up everyones mood. Be careful tho, one wrong move and that could be the end of someones Christmas fun. When christmas shopping, always try to get your family/friends one gift before Christmas. That always brightens up someones day. Also, while Christmas shopping try to get yourself a gift. That is very important. It’s all good to make someone else happy, but you must try, to make yourself happy. Remember that.

Give Back/Donations

Giving back is another great way of having some Christmas fun. Remember Christmas is about giving and receiving. That is why it is very important that you give to the less fortunate. It is lots of fun, and you make lots of new friends, and meet lots of new people. Give back/Donate old toys, games, electronics, appliances, and anything else you no longer use. It is good to give back. Try it some time.

Watch Christmas Movies/Shows

Watching Christmas movies/shows is a must this Christmas season. Watching Christmas movies/shows is fun and entertaining. If you were not in the Christmas mood before you definitely will be now. Christmas movies/shows bring joy. They’re a great way of relaxing. Christmas movies/shows, definitely put you in the Christmas mood. Remember that.

Spend Time With Family/Friends

Spending time with family and friends is very important this Christmas season. Let them know you care. Share some love. You will be greatly rewarded. Spending time with friends, is lots of fun, and will definitely put you in the Christmas mood. Spending time with family/friends will help you have a jolly Christmas. Try it some time, and find out for yourself. Play different Christmas games, watch movies together, have a karaoke, tell stories, just spend time together.

Make A Christmas Menu

A Christmas menu is also very important. When preparing for Christmas it is important that you prepare your Christmas menu  It is very easy . Simply jot down some of your favourite delicious meals on a piece of paper. Then you go out and get the ingredients to make them, and thats it, its that easy. Now you have a Christmas meal menu. Food is very important, on Christmas day! Christmas without food is a disaster. Having a Christmas menu, helps keep your Christmas lunch organized.

Organize A Christmas Lunch

 In preparation for Christmas it is very important that you organize a big Christmas lunch, for family and friends. A lunch is the best way, to bond with family and friends. That is why it is advised that you host a lunch. Lunch is one of the many Christmas traditions, and the most delicious one. A lunch is lots of fun, and easy to organize. Simply call up some family and friends, and invite them over to your place for lunch. Then you go out and get the different ingredients you need to prepare some of your favourite delicious meals. Then you prepare them and lay them out on your favourite table, and thats it. You have prepared a Christmas lunch!

Throw Christmas Parties/Attend Christmas Parties

Throwing a Christmas party/ attending one certainly is a great way of having fun this Christmas season. Parties, are very entertaining, and a great way to meet new people and new friends. Parties, are good stress relievers. Parties will definitely put you in the Christmas mood. Throw one or two parties this season. You are guaranteed to enjoy it. Better yet, attend a few parties this season, and enjoy yourself. You will definitely be in the Christmas mood after.

“Save well, Spend wisely”- Yannick Theodore


5 Type Of Women To Avoid article3

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Want to start dating? Don’t want to get hurt? Don’t know the type of women/girls to avoid? Need help deciding what type of women/girls to date or not? This is the right article for you. Simply continue reading and you will learn the five types of women/girls to avoid.

Finding the right type of woman/girl is never easy, but it is possible. All women/girls look good/ are beautiful in their own way, but do they have the right attitude/act right? Some of the most beautiful women, have the nastiest attitudes. That is why you need to take your time to get to know someone. If you’re the cautious type, and don’t want to get hurt, try dating for a few days first, so that you may get to know the woman/girl you are dating. For you see not all women are the same, and should not be treated the same. There are a few bad ones out there that should be avoided at all costs. The five types of girls to avoid are:


The Gold Digger

Unlike most women who love and cherish men regardless of what they own, gold diggers on the other hand love and cherish men for what they own. Gold diggers love rich and famous men, who can shower them with gifts, pay their bills, and financially support them in every way. She will fool you into thinking she loves you for you, but really she loves you for your money. Gold diggers are the most caniving women you will ever meet. They know how to manipulate you, and have you at their beckoning call. They will use you and then leave. Gold diggers are easy to detect though. A gold digger will instantly speak of high priced evenings and pricey desserts. She will mention her bills and her need for your financial help. She will also try to arouse you to the point of blind obedience. They are smart women, be careful. Stand your ground and be firm. Don’t let her get to your wallet.


The Rebound

The rebound girl is the most sinister of them all. She is the most difficult to detect. The rebound girl is generally hot, strong and cunning. She is very seductive and knows how to charm a man. Her seductive ways can weaken even the strongest men. For you see they tend to feel sorry for her, and drop their guard. Be careful you must never drop your guard when with a rebound girl. Their sad relationship story should pass through one ear and out the other, don’t take it serious, it is just a trap. The rebound girl just wants someone to help her forget her past boyfriend who broke her heart and move on unhurt. You don’t mean anything to a rebound girl. You’re just a good time to her, and will be replaced before you know it. The rebound girl knows how great you are, don’t worry, but not even that will make her stay. Over the course of the relationship you will gradually find that you can do nothing right. Nothing is good enough, and the relationship just does not work. See the signs as she shifts from being the calm hotness to the reluctant mute across the dinner table. This change has nothing to do with you. It’s the cycle of life of the rebound girl. She has had you and is now done. Once you begin to sense this resistance, with dignity and finesse, bid farewell and remove yourself from the situation.

Laura Boylan in her flat in Bootle, Liverpool

The Psycho 

The psycho is a girl who calls, texts or writes on Facebook 10 times a day or more. Psychos also want to know your every move, and asks you how you’ve been when she just spoke to you an hour ago. Beware, the psycho must be avoided. She will drive you crazy, and bring nothing but stress and heart ache. She will try to make it look like she cares so much and is concerned but don’t be fooled. She is a psycho. Caring and loving is one thing, obsession is another. Know the difference, because the psycho doesn’t. The psycho will never understand this, because she sees nothing wrong with her behaviour. She will insert herself into your life unexpectedly. It is easy to fall for the psycho, because the sex is usually amazing, But eventually you will end up infront of the police. If you fail to get to know her first you will end up with an insecure, psycho who will show no signs of going away. Careful!


Ms. Right

Ms. right is not as bad as the others, but she is bad. Ms. right is a girl that always has to be right/always is right. At first this is alright, but over a lengthy period of time this kind of attitude can become very annoying. Ms. right will not agree, but anyone that has been with a ms. right knows what i’m talking about. Even when ms.right is wrong, she will insist she is right. Ms right always thinks she knows, but really she doesn’t. Ms right can never be pleased, because nothing is good enough, she knows it, because she is always right! Ms. right is usually the most beautiful women. Always well dressed and looks good! She could easily be someones’ WCE (woman crush everyday) Don’t fall for it. It’s a trap. Stay away from a ms. right. That’s trouble waiting to happen!


The Smart- Ass

The smart ass woman is one of the most viscous women you will ever encounter. The smart-ass always thinks she’s so smart, but really she’s not. She is very sarcastic, and loves to insult men, claiming she is just joking. She loves to answer back with a tone that would drive any man away. She is sweet at times, but confrontational majority of the time. She believes she knows it all, and men never understand her. She is wrong  majority of the time, but because she is insecure about herself, she will never know it. She has a nasty personality at times. She loves to disrespect men, claiming she knows what they want, so its ok. Men should stay away from this type of woman. She is a vexation to the spirit. She will only land you in trouble/ even worse arrested. Careful!


“Finding the right woman is never easy, but it is possible!” – Yannick Theodore



How To Get A Girlfriend article3

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Want a new girlfriend? Having trouble getting one? Don’t know how to get a new girlfriend. Tried everything, but still does not work. Worried that you will never get a girlfriend? Worry no more! I have just the solution. Simply follow my tips below, and you will have a girlfriend in no time.

Getting a girlfriend is not an easy task, believe me. It takes years of practice. For you see a girlfriend is more than just a friend. A girlfriend is someone you can count on, a girlfriend is someone who is there for you when ever you need them, a girlfriend is someone you can confide in, a girlfriend is someone you can trust, a girlfriend is someone you can always hang out with, when you have no-one else to hang out with. Having a girlfriend is a big deal, and should be treated as such. A girlfriend is not someone you can just mistreat and beat when ever you want or just have sex with. You must love and respect your girlfriend. Before you can get a girlfriend you must remember the following; Love, Respect, and cherish. That is why you need years of practice. If you want to get a girlfriend, you must first know how to meet girls. Meeting girls is not that hard. In order for you to meet girls you must:


Approach Many Girls On A Daily Basis

If you see a girl whom you find attractive go and talk to her. It doesn’t matter what time it is or if she is with her friends or not, just do it. You will be surprised she may just indulge you and show some interest, you might even get her number. Do this on a regular basis. Go out everyday and speak to as many girls as you can. Not all may indulge you and show interest, but some will. Who knows she might even let you take her out on a date.


Avoid Being Afraid To Fail

It is important that you avoid being afraid to fail. Being afraid to fail only prevents you from succeeding. Always try to remember that. If you see a girl you like, go speak to her, 99% of the time she will indulge you. Conquer your fear, and just do it. If she turns you down, who cares!, another one will not trust me. There are plenty of other girls out there.


Be Yourself

Always be yourself, don’t try to be someone else. Let the girl know who you truly are, and what you’re really like before making her your girlfriend. This is very important.


Hang Out More

The more people you meet the better! Try to go out and meet new people daily. The more people you meet the more people you’ll have to choose from. The more people you have to choose from the greater your chances of getting a girlfriend. If you don’t know how to start meeting people, try signing up for activities, try doing new things, going new places. This is a sure way of meeting new people.

After you have met the girl you like you need to start dating. Then you then need to make her your girlfriend. In order for you to start dating you must do the following:


Be Kind

Girls are more gentle than you think. In order for you to make her your girlfriend you need to be kind. I know you may be thinking, girls gentle, no way, but it’s true, girls are gentle and need to be treated kindly. If not she will not want to be your girlfriend. Ask her how was her day?, how is she doing today? stuff like that. Be curious, and respectful. Take her out often. Open doors for her. Stuff like that. Girls like that sort of thing


Be Assertive

Assertiveness is a very attractive quality to have. Girls are more attracted to an assertive man than a man that is not. Remember that. Most women like men to take the initiative and ask them out. When calling her to go on a date, don’t ask her what she wants to do, she might think you’re lazy, but instead give her the options you think the two of y’all should do. Don’t be afraid to do so. Girls love an assertive man. Don’t go being all demanding, but a little assertiveness is not a problem.


Be Flirtatious

It is very important that you avoid falling into the friend zone. To avoid this you should always be very flirtatious. This reminds them that you are a potential partner and not just another good friend. Also you should try breaking the touch barrier. Try touching their arm while talking, or holding hands while walking, try being playful without being creepy. Touching someone communicates to them that you find them attractive.


Make Her Laugh

Girls love people who have a good sense of humour. The key to having a good sense of humour is to be lighthearted. Try to constantly tell jokes and give interesting stories. Remember as long as you’re not making fun of people in a mean spirited way, it’s not a problem. Don’t worry about whether or not she thinks you’re funny because you know what? If she can’t laugh with you, then this isn’t a girl you want to spend a lot of time with anyway.


Ask Her On A Date

Once you have met the girl that you feel you truly connect with, you need to get her to like you. This is never an easy task. Girls are very sensitive, and need to be handled with care. If you have done the above correctly she is already interested. Trust me. Now you just need to seal the deal. Invite her out on a date, or for a cup of coffee, which ever one you prefer. Offer to pick her up or walk her there or take bus together which ever one you prefer. This is very polite, and will give y’all more time to talk during the course of the night. Don’t ask her in a text. Give her a call or ask her in person. This shows her that you’re not just looking for a quick hook up. Also don’t forget to offer to pay. This shows her you have manners. It is advised that you go on two or three dates, before making her your girlfriend.


Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend

After you have dated the girl a few times, and you are sure that she is the one you want to be with, then you need to ask her to be your girlfriend. You can do this in a big creative way or in person, you decide, but you must never ask her in a text. That is very disrespectful. You must only ask her to be your girlfriend when you are certain she will not turn you down. If you are not certain, don’t do it. Save yourself the embarrassment.


“Getting a girlfriend is not an easy task, but it can be done” – Yannick Theodore




10 Ways Of Enjoying Yourself article3

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 Having trouble enjoying yourself? Don’t know what to do to enjoy yourself? Don’t go out much? Worried you will never find something to do? Worried you will never go out again? This is the article just for you. I have just the solution. Follow my tips below and you will be going out and enjoying yourself in no time.

After a long hard day, we all need to relax and enjoy ourselves, the problem is most of us don’t know what to do to enjoy ourselves. This is always a major problem. At times it can be very difficult trying to figure out what you want to do, when you have no idea, what is there to do. This may be frustrating at times, but do not despair, I am here to help. In order to enjoy yourself you can:


Listen To Music

Listening to music is a great way of enjoying yourself. Music helps you relax and feel good. After a long hard day, turn on your iPod/ipad, mac book, or Microsoft laptop and listen to some of your favourite tracks. This will really help you enjoy yourself, whether you are alone or not. Believe me it works.


Have A Picnic With Family/Friends

Having a picnic is another great way of enjoying yourself, and someones company. Picnics foster togetherness and encourage persons to socialize and communicate more. Picnics are also deliciously fun! Try it sometime. Offer to have a picnic next holiday, and find out for yourself.


Go Hiking

Hiking is a fun way of enjoying yourself. Hiking is also a great form of exercise and great for bonding with friends. Hiking helps the blood circulate, and it’s a great cardio work out. Next time you have free time, call up your friends or family and organize a hiking trip. It will be fun. A bit exhausting, but fun.


Play Video Games/Board Games

Playing games is an excellent way of enjoying yourself, whether you are with someone or not. Playing video games is hours of non stop fun. Playing video games allows you to kick back and relax. Playing video games could also is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Playing board games as well is fun and a great way to meet new people. It is also allows you to kick back and relax.


Go To The Beach/Pool

If you’re bored at home, and don’t know what to do, try going to the beach/pool! The beach/pool is a great, fun way of enjoying yourself. Simply call up some friends, or family and make a beach date. It is loads of fun! Going to the beach is a good form of exercise as well. Great for the biceps and thighs. Next time you’re at the beach try taking a jog up and down the beach, you’ll see for yourself. Going to the beach also helps you make new friends and meet new people.


Watch Netflix And Chill

Watching Netflix is the best thing you can do when bored. Netflix has the most amazing movies, shows, comedies known to man. Netflix is the best app ever created. Netflix is a movie app, with thousands and thousands of movies, shows, comedies and lots more! You and your family can spent countless hours watching Netflix, and never get bored!


Have A BBQ

Having a BBQ is a magnificent way of enjoying yourself. It’s totally fun, and totally delicious. Barbeques are a great way of bringing families and friends together, for hours and hours of fun and gossip. Having a BBQ is a great way of finding out the latest gossip/news. Having a BBQ is also a great way of meeting new family members, or friends. Who knows, you may even meet your future wife/husband at a BBQ.


Make Pizza From Scratch

When bored and at home with friends or family, try making a pizza! Making a pizza is easy and fun. So easy the whole family can do it. Making pizza is a great way of making friends as well. Making pizza also allows a family to bond and come closer together. Plus is totally delicious.

Taylor Swift Desktop Background

Write Songs/ Poetry

Writing songs/poetry is very relaxing. Could be difficult at times, but is very relaxing. Writing songs/poems is a great way of expressing yourself and your inner feelings. Writing songs can also help persons with anger. It is a great way of opening up and letting others know how you feel. Who knows you may just become a famous singer one day.


Have Sex

Another great way of enjoying yourself is by having sex. Sex is pleasurable and fun. Sex helps two persons bond, and get along. Sex is a great stress reliever as well, if done well. Sex is good for you. Sex helps with circulation of blood through out the body. Try it sometime, when bored with nothing to do, go have sex.


“There’s always something to do, you just have to think for a minute” – Yannick Theodore



How To Make Friends article3


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Having trouble making friends? Don’t know how to make friends? Can’t seem to find the right friends? Worried that you will never end up making friends? Worry no more. I have just the solution. Simply follow my tips below and start making friends instantly.

Friend making at times can be very difficult and nerve racking. Sometimes you just don’t feel like you want to go speak to anyone. You may be feeling to shy or unsure of how to approach a person. Maybe you are just not confident because you’re afraid people may not react the way you want them to. That’s not understandable, and not acceptable. You must never let your feelings get in the way of making a new friend. That is one sure way of not making a new friend. Think about all the possible friends you have lost because you were to shy to approach them. Do you still want to be making that same mistake? That is why you need to look past yourself and your feelings, in order to make some new friends. Friend making is not very hard. It’s just your mentality that makes it difficult to make friends. Change your mentality and you will start making friends. In order to start making friends you need to:



 Volunteering is also a great way for people of all ages to meet others. By working together you build bonds with people. You may also get to meet other people just like you. Who share common interests. Who knows you guys may even be identical in every way. Try to volunteer two to three times a week.


Join A Club

Joining a club is another great way of meeting new people and making new friends. Clubs help you meet people of all ages who share common interests. Although you don’t need to share common interests with someone to make friends with them. Remember that. You could just like to see the  person, or may like the way they think, what ever the case may be, clubs are a great way of making new friends, regardless of who you are.

Young woman having business meeting in cafe with two men, smiling

Speak To People

Speaking to people is fundamental when trying to making friends. You can join clubs, volunteer and go to school, but you still won’t make any friends if you don’t actually speak to people. Speaking to people is a great way of creating long lasting friendships. You need to get yourself in the habit of speaking to people. You can speak to anyone. The person sitting next to you in the bus, a store clerk, the delivery man, people in your club, people you don’t even know, don’t be picky. The more you speak to people the more confident you will become.

hanging out

Hang Out With People More

If you want to make friends, you first need to put yourself out there somehow in order to meet people. That is very important. Sitting alone will not increase your chances of making friends. Try to always sit near people. This will tremendously increase your chances of making new friends. Try to invite your friends and people you’re not sure about over often. This will help you get to know someone new, thus fostering togetherness. Try to have movie nights and go out with friends more. This will help you make more friends. Going out allows you to meet new people, thus increasing your chances of making new friends. Don’t be afraid to hang out with people you don’t know. For you see, people you don’t know are often the nicest people you will ever meet, and they could potentially be future best friends/ lovers. Keep that in mind.


Be Trustworthy

It is imperative that you are able to keep a secret. In order to make friends you must be trustworthy. A good friend is one that can keep a secret forever. One of the best things about having a friend is that you have someone to whom you can talk about anything. Always keep that in mind. Always try to be that friend that is trustworthy and can keep a secret, not one that loves to talk and spread peoples secrets. That is the worst. 

be confident

Be Confident

 Many people are not very confident. They are shy, timid and afraid to start a conversation. Make the effort and start talking no matter how uncomfortable it feels. Be more confident in yourself. No one will embarrass you or tell you No if you simply say “hey”or “how are you” Try it out today. Try telling someone you like to see “hey, how are you” and find out for yourself.  You may just make a new friend.


Always Be Encouraging

A very good friend encourages their friend. They will remain with them in both good as well as bad times. When trying to make new friends, its very important that you be encouraging and supportive. This will help increase your chances of them becoming your friend. Never be disrespectful or discourteous, to a potential new friend. 


Don’t Be Rude

It is very important to remember never be rude, when trying to make a new friend. People generally don’t like others being rude to them, and if you’re trying to make friends, that is not the best way to go about it. Always try to be polite, well mannered, generous, nice, and a good listener. These are the qualities a person looks for in a friend. Keep that in mind.


Always Look Good

Your appearance is very important when trying to make new friends. Some persons may believe appearance doesn’t matter but that could not be further from the truth. People don’t want to be friends with ugly, nasty smelling people. Remember that! People generally want to be friends with the most beautiful people in the world. Therefore you must try to always look good, smelling sweet, hair well done, well shaved, and for the girls, make up well done, completely shaved, hair well done and smelling sweet. Strive to always look your best, like a model anywhere you go. This will increase your chances of making a new friend. Never leave your house looking a mess. This is one sure way of not making a new friend.


“Be confident in yourself, and speak to someone new today, you may just make a new friend” – Yannick Theodore



How To Have a Healthy Relationship article3

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Having relationship problems? Is your relationship not as fun as it used to be? Is your relationship boring and monotonous? Having trouble maintaining a healthy relationship? This is the article for you.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is never an easy task. It takes lots of hard work and dedication. Some may believe all you need is to be well endowed, and your relationship will be healthy, but that could not be further from the truth. Maintaing a healthy relationship is something that needs to be practiced over a lengthy period of time. For you see a relationship is like a child, it needs to be nurtured and developed, so it can grow. If the relationship is not nurtured and developed it cannot grow and thus becomes an unhealthy relationship, that both you and your spouse no longer want to be in. To avoid this the following tips must be followed.

Be-Honest 222


Be Honest

It is very important that you are as honest as possible to your spouse. Honesty is the best policy.  Be honest about what you like about your relationship, what you hate and what annoys you. Don’t be rude or disrespectful about it, but be courteous and respectful. Honesty is what holds the relationship together. If you are in a relationship with someone who is not honest consider leaving that relationship at once.


Listen To Your Partner

Listening to your partner will help resolve differences without arguing. Also listening to your partner enhances your relationship in many ways. Listening helps you explore each others personalities more deeply. There are no down sides to listening.

show affection

Show Affection

It is imperative that you show affection constantly when trying to maintain a healthy relationship. If not your partner/spouse may not know that they are loved. It is a common misconception that your partner/spouse should know that you love them, without having to show affection, but that is false. Your partner/spouse can only know they are loved when affection is shown. There’s a difference between knowing that you’re loved and feeling that you’re loved. Remember that. Always try to do something nice for your partner. Whether it is buy them a gift/take them to the movies, regardless what it is do something nice for your partner/spouse that you know he/she will truly appreciate. Don’t be afraid to show physical affection every once in a while. Loving relationships feed off of the little kisses, hugs, and back-rubs that are signs of affection.


Give Him/Her Space

Everyone needs their own privacy and some freedom, so don’t constantly watch everything partner/spouse does. Everyone hates to be watched, stifled and controlled. Try to give your partner/spouse ample space. Do not ever spy on your partner/spouse (reading his/her phone, stalking him/her on social networks, following him/her around). If he/she is cheating on you, you will find out. These things cannot be kept secret for very long. But if you spy on him/her and he/she is innocent, you will lose his trust and respect forever. Your relationship will be ruined forever.


Be Loyal

Make sure to put your partner/spouse first as much as you can. Also make sure that he/she knows you will always be there for them. That is fundamental when trying to maintain a healthy relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that you never have to talk to anyone else, or date someone else, but be sure to make your partner/spouse know that they can always count on you if you need something. Further more expect the same loyalty from him/her.

keep promises

Keep Your Promises

When you say you’re going to do something do it. Don’t say you will do something and it never gets done. This is annoying and destroys trust. Trust is important in a relationship. Relationships need trust in order to thrive. If you say you’re going to do something you should try to ensure that it gets done to the best of your ability. This will ensure that you have a healthy long lasting relationship.

“Maintaining a healthy relationship is never an easy task. It takes lots of hard work and dedication” – Yannick Theodore


How To Have Better Sex article3

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 Sex has been the ultimate action of love for centuries, but have you mastered having sex? Are you having trouble with your sex life? Is your sex life boring and monotonous ? Are you having trouble making your partner/spouse have multiple orgasms? Are you having trouble satisfying your partner/spouse? Are you having problems getting aroused? Are you worrying about losing your partner/spouse due to your inability to satisfy? Worry no more! This article is just for you. It is a known fact that many men and women do have trouble performing. This has been a major problem for centuries, but I got a few tips that will help you satisfy any partner, if done correctly.

Sex is always easy at first, to an amateur, but to experts like me its an art you have to master. A good sex life takes time and effort to maintain. It won’t always be easy.  You got to know what you are doing. Women are cyclic creatures. Their sex drives may vary depending on their hormones or what’s going on in their lives, so as a result, they may/may not be to hot/interested in having sex.  I know for us guys we just love having sex and its fun to just have sex anywhere, but for women it’s not the same.  Sometimes it takes longer for some to get hot/interested in wanting/having sex and doing the same old thing just isn’t enough. Lucky for you I got the answer. if you want to really start getting women interested in having sex with you again, satisfying them, and spicing up your sex life, it will be wise to follow my tips. Here’s a few tips that will improve your sex life.


Sensual Massage

Before having sex, it is wise to start with an all over sensual massage. It is a known fact that our bodies are always tense in some areas, and sensual massages help release any muscular tension your partner/spouse may be experiencing. Also sensual massages are one of the most relaxing and sexiest things you can do for your partner/spouse. It really puts your partner/spouse in the mood. Play with the nipples and the clitoris a bit while you massage, this is guaranteed to get her sexually aroused.


Listen To Your Partner/Spouse

After a while you may think you know how to please your partner in every way, but this is very rarely true. There is always something you haven’t tried/one of you have not done correctly. This could hinder your sex life dramatically. To avoid this have frequent sex lessons with your partner/spouse in which you don’t think you know it all, but instead listen to your partner/spouse. Listen to your partner/spouse talk about things you never tried talking about before, but would like to. No harm can come from that. It’s prudent to listen because we often find ourselves believing we know what our partner/spouse like. We often conceive it so much it becomes the way it’s done. We must discard this myth, and open our minds to new possibilities. The possibility that you don’t always know what your partner/spouse likes and you need to have sex  to learn. This will benefit you greatly in the future.

role playing

Role Playing

Role playing during sexual intercourse is a great way to spice up your sex life and keep things interesting. Pretending to be something you are not may be taboo at first and you may not get used to it as easily as others, but you will get used to it.  For you see, it has its benefits when done right. Traipsing out of the role of being “yourself” can be a fun way of giving each other permission to behave differently for better sex. Playing the role of someone else during sex is a great way of giving your partner/spouse new sensations and trying things you have never tried before. It is usually the woman who dresses up, but both men and women can do it if you have the right resources. Role playing is a great way to have better sex and fun with your partner in a sexy way.

sexual fantasies

Fantasy Telling

Before having sex try talking about your deepest fantasies. Why you may be wondering? Simply because talking about your fantasies is an excellent way of increasing communication with your spouse and helps you get to know each other better. This will result in lots of better sex. I would know. At first talking about your deepest fantasies may not be the easiest thing, so this is best done with a glass of wine. This will help make communicating a bit easier. Keep it light at first, and don’t bombard her with to many fantasies. Do not under any circumstance fantasize about people you know/ reveal fetishes you not sure about! Take fantasy telling in turns. You may be surprised what comes out of their mouth when there’s a little wine in their system. It really does help!


Dirty Talk

Dirty talk has turned people on for centuries. It is one of the best ways of turning someone on. It may be surprising to you but, it’s true! Dirty talk has something other sex play doesn’t. That is words. The power of the spoken word is amazing. Because our brains are our largest sexual apparatus, we respond to the spoken word automatically. Even more so when your name is whispered in your ear. The spoken word arouses emotions and sensations in various regions. This is why its a good way of spicing up your sex life. For you see women are extremely receptive to what goes on in their ear, and as a result get aroused quickly when you talk dirty in their ear. However talking dirty is an art and when done badly results in oodles of giggles. Don’t let that deter you though. Keep at it till you master the art! It will benefit you in the future.


“Sex is the ultimate action of love. Sex is an art. Master the art!” – Yannick Theodore


25 Things You Should Know Before Getting Married article3

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Getting married is a big deal, that’s why you should always try getting to know your partner/spouse, before doing so. You don’t want to be gambling with your future do you? That’s why you should always think about what’s important to you first before the I do’s. Marriage is a big step, and a huge commitment. Always try to remember that. Don’t be hastily rushing into things, if you are not sure if your chosen spouse is the right one. There are a couple of things you should know before getting married, because you don’t want to end up marrying the wrong person. Here are a few things you should know;

career goals

Each Other’s Career Goals

Before getting married it is always wise to casually discuss each other’s career goals for the future. It is always important to try to find a partner with career goals that correspond with yours. You don’t want to end up marrying someone with a career goal like garbage collector and you a successful manager? Find out what your partner wants to accomplish in life and how it will affect the relation ship in the future. Next try to always be very supportive of your partners career goals. This is very crucial for any relationship to be successful. Many relationships fail because a partner/spouse failed to support another partner/spouse’s career goals.


Spending Habits

When in a relationship/engaged it is very important to talk about spending habits. Good spending can result in a happy relationship, where as bad spending on the other hand can result in an unhappy, miserable relationship. It is always best to strive for a happy relationship always. That is why spending habits are just as important as career goals. Always try to spend your own hard-earned money, not your partner/spouse’s money. This will eliminate any money problems in the future.



Hobbies are another imperative factor to consider when in a relationship/engaged. It may not seem important to you now, but believe me it is.  Spouses hobbies should correspond. Hobbies that don’t correspond often result in argumentative relationships. You don’t want to end up in a relationship like that do you? To avoid this you must try to determine which hobbies you and your spouse enjoy. Encourage some out-door hobbies, that will allow you to mingle and meet new friends. Try engaging in activities that allow both of you to participate. This will be to your advantage in the future.

 Young Couple With New House

Living Conditions/Habits

Before getting married, it is smart to determine your spouses living conditions. You don’t have to make any living arrangements, but you should still try to get an idea of what it would be like living together. Then you can really begin bonding with your spouse without unwanted interruptions. This is crucial for a good foundation in any relationship. But before you just start opening your doors to someone and inviting them in, try to determine what kind of person they are. Try to understand the person and all their perspective on life. Try to learn as much as you can about your partner/spouse. You don’t want to end up living with a psychopathic loser, do you?


Past Relationships

Though its is true the past is the past and it should be left in the past, but knowing the past does help make the future a lot better. Always try to determine what type of people your spouse has been with, their interests, hobbies, and other little facts you can manage to ascertain. It is a known fact that your spouse will protest, but simply explain that you are just trying to find out what type of person he/she really is, and they should come around. It is very important that you do so, because your future is at stake.


The In-Laws

The in-laws have traditionally been portrayed as the mean, disgruntled, unsatisfied parents in any relationship, but don’t let that deter you. Getting to know the in-laws is just as important as determining the spending habits or living conditions of your partner/spouse. The in-laws play a major role in a relationship, whether you like it or not. That role may not be easily identifiable, but they do play a role, none the less. The difference between a successful long-term relationship/marriage and an unsuccessful short-term relationship/marriage is, the satisfaction of the in-laws. In an unsuccessful short-term relationship/marriage the in-laws are generally not satisfied with the spouses choice. Where as in a successful long-term relationship/marriage the in-laws are generally satisfied with the spouses choice. Get it? That’s why it is important for you, to make sure that you get to know the in-laws and ensure that they are satisfied with you.


Children Plans

When planning to get married, it is imperative that you consider having children. This may not be a topic that is easily discussed, but it is relevant non the less. Spouses should acknowledge that marriage is a big step, and as a result they are be expected to bring a child into this world, with manners and who are financially secure. This should be discussed regularly, in order  to eliminate the element of surprise. Spouses are urged to not get married without having discussed the possibility of children, always try to remember that. Raising children is a lot of hard work. You and your spouse should mentally prepare for the burdens of child raising. Raising children take a lot of money and time. This should be included in your discussion as well. Also when discussing the possibility of children, try to ask yourself a few question. Questions like, am I ready for a child? Do I have enough money to provide for that child? What type of parent should I be? Are my living conditions suitable for child raising? Always keep that in mind.

good and bad qualities

Good and Bad Qualities

 Relationships/marriage tend to involve evaluating someone’s good and bad qualities. This is critical when planning to tie the knot. You don’t want to end up marrying someone you can’t stand to think about do you? That is why you must take time to ascertain their good and bad qualities, and assess whether or not it corresponds with yours. Take time to figure out whether your spouse displays qualities you like/dislike. This is crucial as well. You don’t want to end up being embarrassed by an unmanned spouse. If you spouse is displaying qualities you don’t like, you calmly discuss it with your partner/spouse. Do not under any circumstance start-up an argument over it. That never ends well. If on the other hand your partner/spouse displays exemplary qualities, then he/she must be immediately praised. This encourages them to display those good qualities again.


Religious Beliefs

 Before getting married try to identify your spouses religious beliefs. Their belief system is not as important as ascertaining someone’s qualities, but it is important non the less. It is important to know whether your spouse is christian, muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon, Scientology, Wiccan, agnostic,  or atheist, because conflicting religious beliefs can often result in a sour relationship. Always try to avoid this. Also try to identify whether or not religion affects your life as a couple. 


Travel Plans

 It is imperative that you discuss travel plans before marriage. This means talking about whether you or your partner/spouse plan on going on work related trips often, or plan on working from home, or in the office once married. You may not think it’s imperative, but it is. A good relationship requires communication. Communication about travel plans is just as imperative as assessing someone’s religious belief. Never leave anything to chance, because you always end up with a broken heart. Long distance relationships are never easy, ad tend to never work. Keep that in mind. 


The Difference Between A Wedding And A Marriage 

A wedding is for one day, a marriage supposed to last a lifetime, remember that! Matrimony is a colossal step. Therefore every precautionary measure should be taken before committing. Marriage should be cherished and sacred. Don’t taint the sanctity of  marriage by committing adultery. In order for your marriage to last a lifetime all the steps above must be followed. If any of the steps are skipped, then you are in danger of your marriage ending in a divorce. 


Wedding plans

Wedding plans are just as crucial as travel plans. For you see without planning for the big day, the big day will never come. Lot’s of careful thought has to be put into planning a successful wedding. What you must remember when planning a wedding is what an ideal wedding consists of? What would you like in your wedding that would make it magnificent?. Eloping with your fiance and two friends is not the ideal wedding. The ideal wedding is a wedding in a church surrounded by all your friends and family, beautiful music playing in the background, a beautiful ceremony, with lots of heartfelt speeches, and a magnificent reception, with some of the best music the world has ever heard. For this to be achieved meticulous scheming must initiated. Then and then alone can you procure an ideal wedding. Constantly discuss the wedding arrangements with your partner/spouse. Spare not detail when planning a magnificent wedding. Spend some time deciding what music you would like, or flowers, or decorations or even the location daily. A wedding is only as good as the planning.

 future planns

 Future Plans

No one knows the future, and no one has anyway of knowing the future either. That’s why it is essential that you and your spouse make plans for the future. You never know where you might end up in the next five years, or what might happen to you either, so it’s wise to make a future plan. Encourage your spouse to get a journal, and write down the future plan for the next five years, and constantly check on it to make sure you not going off track. It’s that easy. This way you can ensure your life is going in the direction you want it to go. In the end you will thank me. You may want to write down, your plans for the kids, your will and testament, job plans, travel plans, anything that you will want to do in the future. This will be a great help in the long run.


How To Fight and Make up

Conflict in a relationship/marriage is inevitable. That’s a fact, but there is a way to avoid conflict in a relationship/marriage. Marriage’s rely solely on communication. Lack of  good communication results in arguments. A profusion of good communication results in a happy argument free relationship. Always try to strive for a happy relationship, one free of arguments. It’s better for your health and the success of your relationship/marriage. In order to achieve an argument free relationship you must first learn how to control your anger. Then alone shall you be able to achieve an argument free relationship. Also you must learn to forgive and forget. This is crucial for a good relationship. Once married, always try to forgive your partner, no matter how big the situation is. For you see it is not wise to hold grudges. When in a relationship you should also insist that you and your partner/spouse have anger management practice sessions. This will assist you in the future, when a real situation arises.  


 Dream Home

Before getting married, do not forget to discuss your future dream home. You don’t want to end up living in a cardboard box do you? That is why it is vital that you and your spouse constantly converse about what he/she’s ideal dream house should look like from top to bottom, in and out. Let your spouse know before hand exactly where you imagine your dream home to be located, the size?, how many floors it will have, is it going to be glass, marble, or brick?, floor texture? etc. Spare no detail when conversing. No harm can come from that. 


Spouse’s Opinion On Political Issues

 It is mandatory that you ascertain your partner’s opinion on important political topics. This may not be as important as planning your dream home, but it is important non the less. Always try to ascertain how your partner feels about gay marriage, abortion, gun control and voters right. You don’t necessarily have to agree with them, but you should at least hear them out and support their views.

partner communication

 Good And Bad Communication

Good communication is vital for a successful relationship/marriage. For there to be good communication in a relationship/marriage you and your spouse must be completely honest with each other at all times. Also you must be a good listener. Many relationships fail because you or your spouse failed to listen, thus resulting in a break up. This can be avoided, if you and your spouse/partner come together at a certain time each day, and just casually talk about everything that happened during the day. Get everything off your chest and lay everything on the table. Honesty is always the best policy. This will eliminate all communication problems in the future.


Marital Stress

 Before getting married it is imperative that you practice good stress relief techniques with your partner. This is mandatory because stress is one of the main reason for a number of divorces today.  Even happy marriages end in divorce most times as a result of stress. You should always try to make sure you delve into any stress issue you and your partner/spouse may be having. Never leave any problem unsolved. Your relationship is dependent apon it. All problems are important no matter how big or small. Keep that in mind.

Love levels

Love is crucial in any relationship. Love is the foundation for any successful relationship/marriage. Therefor  it is vital that you do some soul-searching  and ascertain whether or not you love your spouse. This should be done in your own spare time and not necessarily in the presence of your spouse. This may take some time so don’t be hastily proposing or accepting any proposals until then. Love cannot be left out when planning to get married. If you don’t love your partner/spouse then you should end the relationship immediately and move on. Do not under any circumstance believe, that you can change a person after you get married! That is WRONG! There is only a 5% chance they will change. For you see people are less willing to change after marriage, for a number of reasons. That is why you should always try to get them to change before you get married. This then increases your chances of a successful marriage permeating with love.


The Family

Getting to know the family before marriage is critical. This is so because, you must know what you are getting into before the marriage. You don’t want to end up marrying prince charming with an ogre family do you? That is why before getting married try to organize a couple of family lunches or some family affairs in order to get well acquainted with the family. This should be a regular practice when considering proposing to someone or considering accepting a proposal. Family affairs are a great way of meeting your partner/spouse’s entire family all in one location. You should try to get to know their personality, age, occupation, favorite hobbies and favorite television shows. Always seem interested when learning about the family, never give off the impression that the information they are giving  is boring or not important to you. Always try to remember that. What’s also important is your partner/spouse’s relationship with his/her family. Take note of how he/she responds to the parents/siblings. It is important. 

family vacation


When planning to get married it is crucial to plan family vacations as well. Vacations are a great way of releasing work related stress and family tension. That is why it is imperative that you organize family vacations every six months or so. Your family will appreciate it. Also it is a great way of get the kids exposed to new cultures. It is essential for good development in children. Vacation is also a great way of meeting new friends in different countries and meeting new business associates. That is why you must not forget to take a little vacation once in a while. It’s essential for a happy marriage.

family obligations

Family Obligations

Before getting married it is paramount that you carefully assess how much time you spend with your family, how much time you intend to spend with your family after marriage, and how much time do you expect your partner/spouse to spend with them. Also it is imperative that you plan how you and the family are going to spend the holidays, and how much time are you going to allocate to family affairs. It is also imperative that you plan the division of household chores. Do not depend on your partner/spouse to do everything. This kind of attitude only results in divorce or heart-break. You don’t want that do you?



Before getting married you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you really want to just have sex with one person? Can you really handle the responsibility of a wife? Are you really ready to settle down? Can you even have sex with one person for the rest of your life? Are you ready to make that commitment? Will you be able to stay faithful? Will you want her to be unfaithful? Are you ready to take care of children without sex? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before marriage. It ill help you a lot when making the final decision.



When getting married it is imperative to ask yourself a couple of questions about your career. Questions like, how important is your career to you? Does your partner/spouse approve? How will your career affect family life? Do you have schooling to complete? Do you have a stable career? These are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself. For you see when getting married, career is very important. Always try to ensure that you have a good career before you start making plans to get married. 


Division Of House Chores

Before getting married it is essential that division of labour be planned out. Your partner/spouse does not want to be trapped doing all the chores while you do nothing. This will only result in arguments. To avoid this try to plan in advance who will do what chores and when. This will help eliminate the problem. Chores should be fairly divided, and done completely by each partner. There is nothing wrong with doing chores. There is only a problem when you fail to do your chores. Failure to do chores only results in laziness and confusion. Try to keep an open mind about it, and just get it done. It won’t kill you to help out around the house so please do. You will thank me in the end.

 “Marriage a serious commitment. Treat it like one!” – Yannick Theodore




The War On Terror – A Decade After! article3 googleplus 13pinterest 21facebook 7twitter 16                      shop-online-button-300x279  Contact-me-button-3  HomeButton     rememberance day veterans_day_2007_poster1add

On September 11th 2001, tragedy struck. During President George W. Bush’s administration the worst bombing in history took place that will not be forgotten a decade later! It was with immense horror and shock, persons from every nation world wide watched as two aircrafts entered the World Trade Centers in New York and also damaged the pentagon. Thus resulting in the US government waging war against “TERROR.”

The ghoulish 9/11 terrorist attacks left a mixture of emotions world wide including fear, disbelief, anger, resentment towards muslims, shock, depression, and I shall not forget to mention these attacks literally shattered the high regard in which the U.S. regarded their security system!

Ever since it has been an on going battle, between the US and the Middle East some ten(10) years later. Not a dollar has been spared in tracking down and executing Osama Bin Laden, the man behind this catastrophe. Bushed asked for;

  • An astounding $20.8 billion dollars to launch the war on Afghanistan

  • $13 billion for enhanced security for military bases. Shortly after the Taliban government was replaced with Hamid Karzai.

In October 2002, he received Congressional approval for the Iraq War. In November 2002, Congress passed the Homeland Security Act establishing a stand-alone with Cabinet-level departments in an attempt to unify 22 agencies that handled domestic security. A total of $33.8 billion was spent that year alone.

Shortly after Afghanistan was attacked. A military air strike was released above, This shattered their defense! Soldiers stormed Afghanistan and began taking prisoners. Afghanistan posed no major problem for the U.S. The Afghan army crumbled and some ten(10) years later, their commander and chief Osama Bin Laden was tracked down and eliminated.

One year later, the U.S. launched the War in Iraq on March 19 with “Shock and Awe,” costing $53 billion. The Hussein regime toppled in April. The U.S. spent $14.7 billion, even while it announced the War in Afghanistan was over, and NATO took over as a peacekeeping mission. Additional defense security spending was $13.5 billion. Homeland Security officially opened its doors in March.  A total of $81.2 billion was spent on that endeavor. Iraq was then invaded and the first strike was delivered by the U.S who, released a military air strike over Iraq. A total of 12,125 civilians and soldiers were killed! That left a massive dent in their plans for attack!

In 2004 the War in Iraq escalated to control insurgents, costing $75.9 billion.  Afghanistan created a Constitution, while Bin Laden threatened another terrorist attack. The U.S. spent $14.5 billion on Afghanistan and $3.7 billion on enhanced security. A total of $94.1 billion was spent. An additional  $20.1 billion was spent in 2005, to protect Afghans from Taliban attacks for their first free election. Spending in Iraq increased to $85.5 billion, while extra security spending dropped to $2.1 billion. This resulted in a total of $107.6 billion spent that year. A total of 11,654 iraq civilians were killed!

In 2006  funding for the War in Iraq escalated to $101.6 billion,  funding for The War in Afghanistan dropped slightly to $19 billion, and security measures to $800 million. A total of $920.6 billion was spent. That’s on top of $474.2 billion spent for the Department of Defense. A total of  29,400 civilians were killed!

The following year Bush announced a “surge” of 20,000 additional U.S. troops to help transition power to Iraq leaders, boosting Iraq spending to a record $131.2 billion. The Afghan War spending nearly doubled, to $39.2 billion. A total of $170.9 billion PLUS $671.6 billion for the DoD base budget was spent. That year a total of 25,968 civilians were killed!

 In 2008 violence escalates in Afghanistan, boosting costs to $43.5 billion. Iraq costs rose to a new record, $142.1 billion. A total of $185.7 billion PLUS $549.6 billion for DoD.  In order to help de-escalate the violent uprising, Obama sends 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan in April, promising to send another 30,000 in December. This boosts spending to $59.5 billion, while costs for fell for the first time to $95.5 billion. A total of $155.1 billion. That’s in addition to $513 billion for the DoD base budget. A total of 10,237 civilians were killed!

During the Bush administration (2001-2009) a total of $850 billion was spent on the War on Terror and a total of 123,976 civilians killed. At the same time, the DoD base budget also grew. The Bush Administration did not separate out addition spending to support defense, such as Veterans Administration costs to care for returning servicemen or expanded Homeland Security expenses.

The following year elections changed the course of history forever! In 2010 the Bush administration crumbled and a new leader was chosen. This leader was Barack Obama and he is to lead the U.S to victory. Never before had such a huge responsibility been put on the shoulders of a light skinned/blackman! He did not backdown from this new responsibility, instead he rose up and took on the challenge! No longer was the U.S bound by white supremacy. Now the power belonged to a light skin man! In his first year Obama spent $850 billion on defense. This included $530.1 billion for the DoD base budget, and $152.7 billion to fund other departments, such as Homeland Security and the Veterans Administration. He doubled the amount for the Overseas Contingency Operations, to $167.3 billion, to fund an orderly wind-down to end the War in Iraq.

In 2011 the War in Iraq finally ended! Obama increased spending to $838 billion. It included $159.4 billion in contingency funds to beef up initiatives in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He announces he will withdraw 10,000 troops at the end of the calendar year. A total of 4,153 civilians were killed!

Obama further increased security spending to $909 billion. This included $530.4 billion for the DoD base and $126.5 billion in OCO for the War in Afghanistan.  Spending by other departments to support defense was $153.6 billion. Homeland Security was $39.9 billion and the Veterans Administration was $58.7 billion.  He announced the withdrawal of another 20,000 troops in the summer, leaving left 70,000 troops remaining.  (Source: NYT, Afghanistan War Timeline, June 22, 2011) 

Defense spending dropped to $780.7 billion. This includes the DoD base at $525.4 billion and OCO at $96.7 billion. The costs from other departments that support defense totals $158.6 billion, plus Homeland Security ($39.5 billion) and Veterans Affairs ($61 billion).

The new cost of the Military budget by this time is $745.2 billion. The DoD base budget was $525.6 billion. The OCO was budgeted at $92.3 billion, although that might change once the President announces when the U.S. will pull out of Afghanistan sometime during the year. Since the War is ending, the costs of other departments’ defense programs dropped to $25.4 billion. Homeland Security costs will stay the same, at $37.4 billion, while Veterans Administration ($63.5 billion) will rise. 

Contingency funds for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2010 – 2014 was $642.2 billion, three-fourths as much as Bush spent on the “War on Terror” initiative in eight years. President Obama campaigned on defense reduction, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for pulling troops out of Iraq. However, his military-related spending made him look like a hawk.

All in all when you add it up the total spent on Overseas Contingency Operations to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was $1.492 trillion. Expensive, I know. No one ever said war was cheap. Way more was spent on war than educating the American Citizens. The cost of freedom certainly isn’t cheap! The War in Iraq lasted longer than the Vietnam War. More important,  4,488 U.S. soldiers were killed and 32,226 were wounded. More than $700 billion was spent on the Iraq War alone. (Source: ABC News, Final U.S. Troops Leave Iraq, March 19, 2013) but was it worth it? What does the U.S. have to show for their decade of fighting? Some of you may be asking.

Well the tracking down and execution of Osama Bin Laden off-course was a major success! He was the main one behind the planning and funding of the 9/11 bombings, so there was no question that there was going to be some retaliation from the U.S. The question was not if they were going to but when and  how it would be carried out as well as what the impact on ordinary Afghans would be. The U.S. knew they had to take revenge and that’s just what they set out to do inevitably. The U.S. Army took out an estimated 400,000 to 900,000 civilians in Iraq! Compared to the 3,000 dead bodies that resulted from the bombings, that’s another major success. Every year since 2003, onwards the U.S. army has taken out a total of 29,400 civilians, Thats way more bodies dropped than on 9/11 . The Iraq people will be feeling this blow for years to come.

Persons may be of the opinion that this war was a burden on the economy, it has affected the way we travel, our safety has been compromised, this ordeal has really taken a toll on persons and their belief and trust in security in airports in the United States. Many persons just don’t feel safe anymore! They don’t trust that they metal detectors and dogs can do the job any more in protecting their lives, so they opt out of traveling as much no and find other means of traveling/ getting around. They may also express that this war has brought about the loss of jobs, has cost the government trillions of dollars, loss of many lives and soldiers, hatred and a rise in those who think most muslims are terrorists, the decline in U.S global power, but I disagree. Men and women were sent to fight for our security and freedom for 10 plus years now and we must honor and remember them, for they did what most of you can only dream of doing. Killed more persons than you can kill in any of the games you play. They deserve recognition and special place in your heart! Now we have our peace of mind back! Now you can sleep well at night knowing that you are safe, and no terrorists shall come bomb you any given night! That’s what this war has done!

This war has opened the eyes of many world wide and shown what the U.S. are really capable of. It is not yet possible to know who is actually winning the war on terror, but from all the information stated above it is safe to say the U.S is dominating this one! They are the better equipped one. Needless to say Iraq and the taliban is in turmoil, as a result of harboring terrorists until the U.S sees fit to cease fire!

Let us all have a moment of silence for those who died for our security and freedom, those U.S soldiers who lost their lives in the war and those civilians who lost their lives in iraq. It was not in vein. They shall not be forgotten a decade later. Their memory still lingers on. It wasn’t easy, but some 10 years later, life as we know it can continue and prosper. Persons can now work comfortably now without the fear of being bombed, children can now come out to play on a saturday afternoon in the local parks and designated playing areas, although many lives were lost, this just created an opening for someone else to get a job, persons still don’t feel safe traveling like before, but persons do get around, confidence in the U.S judicial system has plummeted significantly, trust in one another has declined as well, persons no longer trust staying out doors for long periods of time anymore, persons no longer feel safe when alone anymore, persons rarely even go out at nights anymore as a result of the war. A decade later nothing is the same! Those terrorists have taken the one thing we held dear to us, our sense of security and safety. They have stripped us of it, and now many things we once knew have changed!

It’s true some things have not changed, but in many regards, life as we know it has changed, and they way we perceive things has been affected drastically. Our safety even has been compromised, and it’s up to us to fix it! We can fix it, if we come together and decide to solve the problem instead of being one, then I know we can allow ourselves to feel safe again! Don’t you worry! Strong men and women out there are working on fixing things as we speak! Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, at least 56 Islamist-inspired terrorist plots against the United States have been foiled thanks to domestic and international cooperation. The core of al-Qaeda has been flushed from Afghanistan and hounded in Pakistan; and a number of affiliated groups across Southeast Asia, in part through U.S. counterterrorism assistance and cooperation, have been weakened!

Rest assured justice will prevail!