5 Type Of Women To Avoid


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Want to start dating? Don’t want to get hurt? Don’t know the type of women/girls to avoid? Need help deciding what type of women/girls to date or not? This is the right article for you. Simply continue reading and you will learn the five types of women/girls to avoid.

Finding the right type of woman/girl is never easy, but it is possible. All women/girls look good/ are beautiful in their own way, but do they have the right attitude/act right? Some of the most beautiful women, have the nastiest attitudes. That is why you need to take your time to get to know someone. If you’re the cautious type, and don’t want to get hurt, try dating for a few days first, so that you may get to know the woman/girl you are dating. For you see not all women are the same, and should not be treated the same. There are a few bad ones out there that should be avoided at all costs. The five types of girls to avoid are:


The Gold Digger

Unlike most women who love and cherish men regardless of what they own, gold diggers on the other hand love and cherish men for what they own. Gold diggers love rich and famous men, who can shower them with gifts, pay their bills, and financially support them in every way. She will fool you into thinking she loves you for you, but really she loves you for your money. Gold diggers are the most caniving women you will ever meet. They know how to manipulate you, and have you at their beckoning call. They will use you and then leave. Gold diggers are easy to detect though. A gold digger will instantly speak of high priced evenings and pricey desserts. She will mention her bills and her need for your financial help. She will also try to arouse you to the point of blind obedience. They are smart women, be careful. Stand your ground and be firm. Don’t let her get to your wallet.


The Rebound

The rebound girl is the most sinister of them all. She is the most difficult to detect. The rebound girl is generally hot, strong and cunning. She is very seductive and knows how to charm a man. Her seductive ways can weaken even the strongest men. For you see they tend to feel sorry for her, and drop their guard. Be careful you must never drop your guard when with a rebound girl. Their sad relationship story should pass through one ear and out the other, don’t take it serious, it is just a trap. The rebound girl just wants someone to help her forget her past boyfriend who broke her heart and move on unhurt. You don’t mean anything to a rebound girl. You’re just a good time to her, and will be replaced before you know it. The rebound girl knows how great you are, don’t worry, but not even that will make her stay. Over the course of the relationship you will gradually find that you can do nothing right. Nothing is good enough, and the relationship just does not work. See the signs as she shifts from being the calm hotness to the reluctant mute across the dinner table. This change has nothing to do with you. It’s the cycle of life of the rebound girl. She has had you and is now done. Once you begin to sense this resistance, with dignity and finesse, bid farewell and remove yourself from the situation.

Laura Boylan in her flat in Bootle, Liverpool

The Psycho 

The psycho is a girl who calls, texts or writes on Facebook 10 times a day or more. Psychos also want to know your every move, and asks you how you’ve been when she just spoke to you an hour ago. Beware, the psycho must be avoided. She will drive you crazy, and bring nothing but stress and heart ache. She will try to make it look like she cares so much and is concerned but don’t be fooled. She is a psycho. Caring and loving is one thing, obsession is another. Know the difference, because the psycho doesn’t. The psycho will never understand this, because she sees nothing wrong with her behaviour. She will insert herself into your life unexpectedly. It is easy to fall for the psycho, because the sex is usually amazing, But eventually you will end up infront of the police. If you fail to get to know her first you will end up with an insecure, psycho who will show no signs of going away. Careful!


Ms. Right

Ms. right is not as bad as the others, but she is bad. Ms. right is a girl that always has to be right/always is right. At first this is alright, but over a lengthy period of time this kind of attitude can become very annoying. Ms. right will not agree, but anyone that has been with a ms. right knows what i’m talking about. Even when ms.right is wrong, she will insist she is right. Ms right always thinks she knows, but really she doesn’t. Ms right can never be pleased, because nothing is good enough, she knows it, because she is always right! Ms. right is usually the most beautiful women. Always well dressed and looks good! She could easily be someones’ WCE (woman crush everyday) Don’t fall for it. It’s a trap. Stay away from a ms. right. That’s trouble waiting to happen!


The Smart- Ass

The smart ass woman is one of the most viscous women you will ever encounter. The smart-ass always thinks she’s so smart, but really she’s not. She is very sarcastic, and loves to insult men, claiming she is just joking. She loves to answer back with a tone that would drive any man away. She is sweet at times, but confrontational majority of the time. She believes she knows it all, and men never understand her. She is wrong  majority of the time, but because she is insecure about herself, she will never know it. She has a nasty personality at times. She loves to disrespect men, claiming she knows what they want, so its ok. Men should stay away from this type of woman. She is a vexation to the spirit. She will only land you in trouble/ even worse arrested. Careful!

“Finding the right woman is never easy, but it is possible!” – Yannick Theodore



Will Power

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Let me first begin by educating you on the definition of will power.

This is the mental drive and determination that allows you to succeed or master one’s self” Yannick Theodore.

According to my definition, will power is the determination to succeed. The determination to achieve what was once thought unachievable. To leap the walls of limitation, and produce something no one else can. To master one’s self and life choices.

If you google “will power” online you are sure to find a large number of sites, providing various different definitions, for those two simple words. According to the oxford dictionary online:


Other definitions include:


 noun \ˈwil-ˌpa(-ə)r\

: the ability to control yourself : strong determination that allows you to do something difficult (such as to lose weight or quit smoking)”

Taken from the Marriam Webster dictionary. In other words, will power is the mental driving force that helps you get out of bed on a morning, will power is what motivates you, stimulates you and causes you to feel that deep desire to win, and dominate. Where can we say this drive originates from? Is it something that is taught? Can you sit down in a classroom and learn how to have some will power to achieve? Unfortunately you cannot! If that were the case, I most certainly would graciously spend the required amount to get that concept drilled into my lifestyle. I believe will power is an innate mentality, man possess in order to assist them to move forward in life. The question is, Is it only man who possess such innate abilities? Do, women have as much will power as men? or do they even have any will power at all? for that matter. Do women possess that strength of will to achieve under any circumstance as men? Some feminists believe strongly that power in society is unequally balanced towards men. This unequal balance is what ignites their desire to achieve more than what’s expected. Is this a sign that women may have more will power than men? In order to obtain equality to men, it takes a lot of scheming and determination, which women have showcased over hundreds of years. Is it enough to say though, that women possess more will power than men? Men over the years have showcased lots of will power as well, leading endeavors to establish and maintain a civilized society. Building a civilization from the ground up, with no laws, regulations, bills, or expected ways of behavior, is not an easy task. This takes alot of WILL POWER. If you compare building a society to attaining equality, you will slowly realize the answer to the afore-mentioned question. Can you imagine, men much like me and you, built a scoiety from the ground up, with nothing but our bare hands, a vision of a better more modern future and will power to achieve it! What a task! You think if we had asked a woman to assist us we would achieved such task? My guess is half of you guys would refrain from answering, out of a respect for women (I call that fear) and the other half would give an astounding NO, never in their life right! I agree this one time. Think about it. Man posses so much will to live better, eat better, work better, that he has created the most amazing system of living unimaginable in all the known galaxies! This system is so incredible, that in this century, the 21st century, it is now possible for everyone to own their own business, in any field imaginable to you! Right now you can just sit there, close your eyes, imagine the business you want to start, jump on your laptop and search the web, and out there, is  the answer, guaranteed, no questions about it. All as a result of one’s will power to create a better world. Now its even possible to speed to work even quicker in one of your new corvettes and get there before the morning briefing meeting, where as you would have had to gallop to work on a morning. All as a result of one’s will power to achieve and attain new heights. Everything is possible now as a result of one man’s will power to live better, yet still you hear about men and women living in poverty, or family houses seized by bankrupted families, as a result of lack of will power.  Thats the problem with society today, the lack of will power! Things just aren’t the same as before. Now women wake up and don’t even want to go to work anymore. They don’t feel like it they complain. Don’t feel like it, did she not just hear herself, ” You did not feel like going to work!” What she needs to feel like doing is getting her butt up and getting ready for work. In the old days, work was a breath pattern. The same way you wake up and yawn and stretch, is the same way you would wake up and promptly get ready to go to work. No lie. Thats how its was. Now women can just not feel like going to work and just not go! Oh how things have changed! The will to work has been sucked out of the women of the society today. Some guys even worst, actually consider just sitting around on the block whole day, hustling in various ways as a suitable means of attaining mass wealth. Yeah, it’s true,  the amount of will power some men have now is minimal to average. Its even more appalling to know some don’t just consider it, some finally choose to do it! Yeah I know bad decision most of you are saying, but hey I have traveled around the globe and I have come across many individuals who choose this career pattern. Do people not will themselves to get a better job anymore? Guess not, the society we live in today, it’s acceptable to work as anything now, just as long as no laws are being violated. How amazing is that! What is to become of the future. If no one has the will power to do anything anymore. Inventing ceased and we were forced to live a stagnant life. Think about it! This has me realize that will power is vital to mental and physical development. Without the will to better yourself, life has a way of slipping through your fingers. To those of you who were ever searching for an answer, assisting you in staying focused and following through with your new years resolution, the answer is will power. The determination to fulfill your resolution will get you through.

“If You can WILL it, you can achieve it!” – Yannick Theodore

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