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From a tender age I have been a sports enthusiast. It started from the age of 3(three). Normally kids that age would be learning their usual ABC and what not, but my father being the exceptional visionary he is, he always told me being the young trooper that you are, I will introduce you to some manly sports, and you my son will effortlessly triumph! And so I was introduced to a number of sports. From, basketball, to soccer, to lawn tennis, to hockey, just to name a few. Starring in each and every one individually, my love for sports quickly grew. I trained tirelessly day after day into the wee hours of the night, aiming for perfection. For you see you can’t really enjoy something until you win, and you cant really win till you have mastered your sport! Is it possible to complete such a task?. A difficult task like that, must be tackled regularly and head on! A positive state of mind never failed to help as well. Even from at a young age i believed it was possible. Persistence and a love for the game really helps you go a long way. Its the fuel that keeps you going, even when you want to quit. For I believed that when the going gets tough the tough get going! No time for sitting and wishing, if you want to complete the task, you got to push yourself and move when you got to move! Slackness is a recipe for disaster. You need to focus yourself and get self motivated. Steady progression is better than no progression! For i remember times when, I was a novice off-course, that all seemed lost, being down 4-0 in a tennis match, sun beating down on you like a slave master with a whip, the water in your bottle is the best thing to you at this point, exasperated because all my strategies failed all your attempts at mastering the opponent and gaining points quickly were futile. I remember not being experienced enough or half as strong as the opponent. Regardless I remember i dug deep inside, and gathered what little strength I had, and miraculously turned the game around, for a 4-6 victory! That day changed my whole mentality, and understanding. What wins games is your WILL POWER and DRIVE to SUCCEED!
With this mentality in a few short years I was playing on an international level. Traveling to and from islands playing tournaments and winning competitions! I was finally getting the recognition I deserved! It was not easy I must say. Staring, in soccer, tennis, basketball for sure would not be easy! The mental strength needed is enormous! Since i was so in love with sports, and longed to complete my task, that will not pose as a problem for me. I steadily trained and progressed in every sporting activity I began, and participated in a number of competitions there after! I remember times in soccer when the victory was inevitable, and i remember times in hockey when the loss was devastating! That is when I decided to drop hockey and focus on lawn tennis! My rise to victory was a spectacular one. Match after match I dominated with my impressive speed and agility. Pacing up and down each court or field with one goal in mind, winning! It was a magnificent time in my life. I traveled to various countries, like Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St.Vincent, Martinique and many others, to represent my country! Do you know how honored I felt! That feeling is unimaginable until you go out there and win yourself! But picture this tho, imagine the last time you felt totally accomplished, the last time you triumphed and dominated every thing you attempted, now increase that feeling 20 times, and thats what it feels like to be an international player. I was that guy!, not just some guy. That professional guy, with the charming smile.
Everything was great, then tragedy struck! An unfortunate mishap would be the end to my professional career. A mishap that would devastate me for years and years! It was on that terrible Monday, an ordinary monday it seemed to me at first, a single misstep caused havoc in my life. Instantly in two seconds I was unable to walk, far-less run after any ball. I was temporarily immobilized. I fell to the ground. My main form of transport at the time was wiped away from under me. My pride and joy, was snatched up by the crook of life, and I was left with nothing but fond memories. Memories of me taking home gold medals, the travel round the world, the meet and greets internationally, the banquets, the closing ceremonies, all flashed into my mind, in that very instance. With the assistance of the staff and everything I got, I straightened up myself, and limped off. Was this to be the end of my career, at the time I was unsure. I couldn’t stop thinking why me! I practiced everyday, got my self well trained for quick turns and lungs, and I was unfortunate enough to suffer such a accident! Later on I realised it was the end of my sporting days, after a good seventeen (17) years playing tennis, i had to retire.
They love of all sports lives on within me still! Can’t miss it on the television. Present for all matches, major ones must see, off-course! So much so I have personally decided to hook you guys up! Thats right! Now right here on this site you guys can watch any major game with my unlimited stream package deal!



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