How To Become Smart



Want to be smart/get smarter? Tired of looking like a fool/looking foolish? Been embarrassed to many times? Tired of being embarrassed? Want to stop being embarrassed? Need a solution? Need to learn how to be smart/get smarter? This is the article for you! Follow my 5 simple steps below, and learn how to get smarter in no time!

When learning to be smart/get smarter,  there are some very important tips you should remember. Being smart/getting smarter is very easy and it does not take long. It does take alot of practice and hard work. You may look smart, but that does not mean you are smart. Smart people don’t talk about being smart, so how do people know they are smart? By their actions, the way they speak, conduct themselves and the way they dress. The way you speak, educating yourself and also exercising your brain is very important, when trying to get smarter. Speaking eloquently and articulating you words, lets people know, a well educated many is speaking, so they should listen. Speaking well is not all it takes to being smart. Below I have listed a couple tips that should help you be smart/get smarter.

Write Stories

Writing stories, is very good when trying to be smart/get smarter. Writing stories forces your brain to work and function better. This will make you a better thinker, and process information quicker. Writing stories also helps with your imagination, and broadens your mind. Writing stories is an excellent way of getting persons to know/realize you are smart!

Read Many Books

Reading is fundamental when trying to be smart/get smarter. Reading can help you learn all kinds of new things, and is a productive hobby to have. Reading is not a fun hobby, and you may not enjoy it, but it will open up your mind to a variety of new ideas and experiences. Reading can teach you many fascinating things.

Ask Questions

Asking questions constantly, will make you smarter. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing, but there is something wrong with not asking questions, for you to know. Asking questions helps you learn new things. Practice asking questions. The more questions you ask, the smarter you become. Don’t be annoying about it. It becomes repulsive.

Always Learn

Learning is a never ending process. You can never learn to much! Keep that in mind. Not because you have stopped going to school, means you must stop learning! Everyday you should try to learn something new. Learning does not entail, only reading books. You can learn things online, on google, from magazines, from friends, from news articles, news papers, and flyers. School is just one source of information. Not because you’re great at one thing doesn’t mean you have to stick to it! Listen to others and be open minded. Constantly learning will make you smarter.

Work On Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary is very important when trying to be smart/get smarter. Being able to spell, and read is very important as well. Practice learning one or two new words a day. This will help you get smarter. Think of it this way. The more words you learn, the smarter you get, the less words you learn, the dumber you get! This should help motivate you to learn some new words everyday!

“You may look smart, but that does not mean you are smart!” – Yannick Theodore