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You know that feeling you get when you rise above, and overcome your
greatest insecurities? That moment when all your fears
become as insignificant as spilt milk
You ain’t scared no more,
you triumphed  with
glee! You
around and
sulk! You can buy
things in bulk! You know
that feeling when you achieved
your goal and made it a reality? When you
took it past just a thought of yours you jotted down on
your phone notepad! That great feeling of accomplishment! Achievement
and self – fulfillment! Yeah that’s where I’m at right now! Took my goal past just a thought
and made it a reality! Feels good! Feels real good! I’m proud of me! And
you should to! Go out there and accomplish some of your goals!
It is possible! You just got to believe in yourself
and never give up!



Success Comes In Stages

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Not every one will listen, not every one will understand, the few that do,
keep them close at hand, think positive, life is never easy,
so never let anyone bring you down at any
time, keep your head
to the skies,
keep your goal in mind,
for you will rise in the right time! Don’t be
bent, yes life is stress, but don’t you fret, God hasn’t forgotten you,
yet! Do your best, forget the rest! You will make it one day I say! Enjoy the little
progress, it’s better than the rest! Success comes in stages, it takes couple wages, different phases
but in the end it’s gonna take you places! When you get through all the stages!
– Yannick Theodore –

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Life Ain’t Nothing To Play With!

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Life ain’t nothing to play with, Better get your head right and
don’t sink in the sand pit! The economy is changing,
everything is rising real quick!
Girls be getting real slick
the lies be getting
real thick!
be getting stuck
real quick, everyone balling out they need
a real fix! Money is getting real scarce, jobs you will be
getting even less! Every one is all depressed, feeling suppressed!
What stress! Wars pending, bills out sending, what a mess we all put
ourselves in! Things must change, we can’t wait in vein!
Until that day I will be making a change!
– Yannick Theodore –