D’arcy M’gees Irish Pub

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Nestled in the heart of downtown Ottawa, is the most magnificent restaurant I have had the fortune of visiting. Great is an understatement. For you see at the entrance you are greeted by a multitude of cheerful, happy go lucky, pockets loaded, customers, eating and laughing till their hearts content all around the front, capturing your attention from blocks away! On entering the restaurant, you are escorted by the friendliest staff ever imaginable up a flight of stairs. While walking you can’t help but notice a grand bar supplied with all sorts of drinks imaginable. These waiters are so beautiful, well trained and Photo-51ready to attend to your every need! You are never left unattended to! The floor is patterned with a sort of irish design unknown to me, but gives the place a sort of chinese feel to it, mind you it is an irish pub! The chairs are of a wooden texture, not to modern looking, but fancy none the less. The restaurant was well lit with massive chandeliers  strategically placed around the bar. The walls were of an unfamiliar design, much like that of a church. They were wooden, with stained glass patterns in between. A sight to behold. Never before have I ever seen walls like those before in any restaurant in all my travels! It was spectacular. I could not help but stare them down multitudes of times. The craftsmanship is amazing.

Let me get to the cuisine

The menu was full with the most amazing looking foods ever! The waiter gently placed three menus on my table. Now by this time my eyes were open wide, ready to jump out of my head, for you see I have never been to a restaurant where I was given three menus. I hastily dove into them, only to quickly realize, they were not all main course menus, but, wine menus, main course and dessert menus. I was relieved. “How was I ever going to decided?,” was my initial thought.
I did not get a chance to sample all of them today, but i did sample the prime rib burger.

It was the most delicious, mouth watering, scrumptious meal ever!

It is definitely a must have! The rib is chunky, and oozing with flavor! The burger is accompanied with a bowl of fries. The biggest chunkiest fries ever,
Photo-49drizzled with some ketchup makes for an excellent lunch! This could be accompanied with a beverage of your choice! I choose to stay sober this afternoon, and had a refreshing sprite. Which went well with the whole meal, I must say! Compliments to the chef, for delighting my taste buds with such savory food!
All in all this was a good buy! Looking for a great place to relax and dine, this is the place! Great people, great service, delicious meals, what more can you ask for. Make your way down to the D’arcy M’gees Irish Pub, located at 44 Sparks Street, Ottawa, and eat till your hearts content!

 “Good food, Great friends, Good life!”- Yannick Theodore