Summer Nights

stories googleplus 13pinterest 21facebook 7twitter 16                    shop-online-button-300x279  Contact-me-button-3  HomeButton   Summer nights are always full of so many awesome surprises. The nights are just never the same. The possibilities of fun are endless, how could you possibly not say the same? There’ s a variety of choices to select from, to ensure that your nights you are bound to enjoy! There’s the cinema, restaurants or the strip clubs you would simply love. Also there’s clubbing, bar hopping and dancing just some tips for simple romancing! Some might even feel to travel, from ottawa to montreal, it’s really not a hassle. Got your gas money, it’s a must, it’s part of the travel package, and you could be there in a flash, no rush, no fuss, partying non- stop, trust me! If you are looking for fun a trip to montreal is just what you want! It is sum times questioned off and on is Ottawa really the place, to make good friends? I answer this with great haste! Our streets are filled with sweet, great people, who fancy nothing more than to meet and greet, new people! They love to party, and have a good time, so always try to keep that in mind! With all that said, hope you catch my drift, in other words, Ottawa is the best!

The night air is so crisp and cool, and always gently wafting in just at the right time! High pitched shrills, and excited yells could be heard from miles away, as many teenagers and adults packed the streets downtown and go around on their merry way, along with a number of party goers of every shape, bar hoppers, from all over, exotic dancers, who slip in and out the shadows of the night unnoticed by those with unfamiliar eyes, couples of all sorts, even persons on bikes will zoom by periodically through traffic, in a rush to get home. Girls, by the masses, on every street, in search of their favorite, bar/ club, or in search of a guy to show them the time of their life! This inevitable can only be done in Ottawa! It was all very spectacular!  The streets were well lit miles around, with amazing signs and decorations of various colors and sizes! Making for perfect photogenic scenery!
Summer nights in Ottawa are the best! Everyone comes out with the same goal, to have an awesome time, and get hardcore wasted!. With that in mind you go out there and party till you can’t walk! Everyone is so friendly, an will go out of their way to make sure you are happy! Some party with such, spirit and passion. That is exactly what I intended to do! This night was no exception! For you see when I party, I try to party in three parts, to ensure maximum fun, excitement and satisfaction! Done it so for as long as I can remember! I first start with a pre party drink up, I usually call the pre-drink party! The pre – drink party consists of favored members of your team you will be partying with later that night, partying and drinking in much the same way as in the club/bar but in a private setting! Usually your residence or someone else’s. Then we head out, pumped and ready to have the time of our life! Then after the party, we make our way to an after party! Yeah I know, you party, after you just partied! Amazing concept! Even more amazing when tried! Trust me! The after party can be the final deciding factor on how good or bad a night on the town turns out. Make the after party a good one!
I do this occasionally, take time off from work, in order to spend some well earned time out with old and new friends. This time I was in desperate need of a break! For you see Friday night activities were more than just a celebration to satisfy personal needs, but to celebrate the rising in sales at work! What a glorious occasion, for me! I needed to celebrate this, plus as luck would have it, I was surprised with a new neighbor! As fate would have it I am not one to grudge or hate on any one before getting to know them, so I calmly introduced myself! We exchanged a couple hearty laughs, got formally introduced, found out they were canadian chefs! How cool is that! I mean think of the party possibilities! Surprisingly enough we hit it off quite well! Let me just say,
Barbeque invites would be sent out soon!
 An instant green light flashed in my head! Those new neighbors could be just the think i require for my exquisite parties, and VIP celebrations! I immediately suggested a night on the town! It was eagerly accepted! We had an amazing pre – drink party, and head out in search of a night of fun!
On arrival we were greeted with two pitchers of the finest beer imaginable! What a treat! My team was very large that night, so we had to find the biggest  table, to accommodate all of us, I’m telling you! Me and my team packed the bar and filled it with shouts of victory and mere excitement. We sauntered through the bar, like we owned the place. Buying pitcher after pitcher, periodically for hours and hours sealed the deal! Plus I was undefeated at every game played! My team was turnt up that night. With sales up, don’t see why not? Our table was laden with drinks and packed with so many friends 30 minutes later, that I was impressed! The drinks kept coming, jokes kept increasing, the songs were great, let’s just say all the ingredients to make for a successful happy first night out! I’m telling you! I wound up meeting an incredible thirty(30) people, and getting twenty-two(22) digits that night. I guess they were intrigued with one of my many qualities displayed that night! I was getting it in as they say! It was awesome! Later on that night we marched down to Pub 101, another bar, where the party really began! This bar had three levels, and let me tell you, on each level had some of the finest women you have ever seen, doing jello shots taken off each others boobs! Let me just tell you, never before have I seen jello shots taken so beautifully! I was interested the moment we entered the room. The girls were hot, breasts were perfect, jello shots on them, even more perfect! Whining after jello shots, nothing more perfect than that! The girls were even hotter than at La Maison. We instantly decided to stay!
I met an astounding forty-five(45) persons there that night! All with a different interesting story to tell. If time only permitted me to get to know all of them, I would have in a flash. They were all so beautiful I must say! But time was against us that night. It was great getting to meet so many persons from all over. End up turning it up with the dance moves on the dance floor! Awesome stuff! More drinks kept magically appearing before my eyes, and I simply kept chugging them down like there was no tomorrow! Got a thirty-three(33) digits in that bar alone! What a night!
All in all it was an awesome night. Made lots of new friends! Met 75 amazing persons, got fifty-five(55) digits and had the time of my life! Ottawa is the place for socializing and meeting friends for sure! After all it is the capital of Canada!

“Friends are easy to make, you just got to be patient, when making them!” – Yannick Theodore