How To Make Friends


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Having trouble making friends? Don’t know how to make friends? Can’t seem to find the right friends? Worried that you will never end up making friends? Worry no more. I have just the solution. Simply follow my tips below and start making friends instantly.

Friend making at times can be very difficult and nerve racking. Sometimes you just don’t feel like you want to go speak to anyone. You may be feeling to shy or unsure of how to approach a person. Maybe you are just not confident because you’re afraid people may not react the way you want them to. That’s not understandable, and not acceptable. You must never let your feelings get in the way of making a new friend. That is one sure way of not making a new friend. Think about all the possible friends you have lost because you were to shy to approach them. Do you still want to be making that same mistake? That is why you need to look past yourself and your feelings, in order to make some new friends. Friend making is not very hard. It’s just your mentality that makes it difficult to make friends. Change your mentality and you will start making friends. In order to start making friends you need to:



 Volunteering is also a great way for people of all ages to meet others. By working together you build bonds with people. You may also get to meet other people just like you. Who share common interests. Who knows you guys may even be identical in every way. Try to volunteer two to three times a week.


Join A Club

Joining a club is another great way of meeting new people and making new friends. Clubs help you meet people of all ages who share common interests. Although you don’t need to share common interests with someone to make friends with them. Remember that. You could just like to see the  person, or may like the way they think, what ever the case may be, clubs are a great way of making new friends, regardless of who you are.

Young woman having business meeting in cafe with two men, smiling

Speak To People

Speaking to people is fundamental when trying to making friends. You can join clubs, volunteer and go to school, but you still won’t make any friends if you don’t actually speak to people. Speaking to people is a great way of creating long lasting friendships. You need to get yourself in the habit of speaking to people. You can speak to anyone. The person sitting next to you in the bus, a store clerk, the delivery man, people in your club, people you don’t even know, don’t be picky. The more you speak to people the more confident you will become.

hanging out

Hang Out With People More

If you want to make friends, you first need to put yourself out there somehow in order to meet people. That is very important. Sitting alone will not increase your chances of making friends. Try to always sit near people. This will tremendously increase your chances of making new friends. Try to invite your friends and people you’re not sure about over often. This will help you get to know someone new, thus fostering togetherness. Try to have movie nights and go out with friends more. This will help you make more friends. Going out allows you to meet new people, thus increasing your chances of making new friends. Don’t be afraid to hang out with people you don’t know. For you see, people you don’t know are often the nicest people you will ever meet, and they could potentially be future best friends/ lovers. Keep that in mind.


Be Trustworthy

It is imperative that you are able to keep a secret. In order to make friends you must be trustworthy. A good friend is one that can keep a secret forever. One of the best things about having a friend is that you have someone to whom you can talk about anything. Always keep that in mind. Always try to be that friend that is trustworthy and can keep a secret, not one that loves to talk and spread peoples secrets. That is the worst. 

be confident

Be Confident

 Many people are not very confident. They are shy, timid and afraid to start a conversation. Make the effort and start talking no matter how uncomfortable it feels. Be more confident in yourself. No one will embarrass you or tell you No if you simply say “hey”or “how are you” Try it out today. Try telling someone you like to see “hey, how are you” and find out for yourself.  You may just make a new friend.


Always Be Encouraging

A very good friend encourages their friend. They will remain with them in both good as well as bad times. When trying to make new friends, its very important that you be encouraging and supportive. This will help increase your chances of them becoming your friend. Never be disrespectful or discourteous, to a potential new friend. 


Don’t Be Rude

It is very important to remember never be rude, when trying to make a new friend. People generally don’t like others being rude to them, and if you’re trying to make friends, that is not the best way to go about it. Always try to be polite, well mannered, generous, nice, and a good listener. These are the qualities a person looks for in a friend. Keep that in mind.


Always Look Good

Your appearance is very important when trying to make new friends. Some persons may believe appearance doesn’t matter but that could not be further from the truth. People don’t want to be friends with ugly, nasty smelling people. Remember that! People generally want to be friends with the most beautiful people in the world. Therefore you must try to always look good, smelling sweet, hair well done, well shaved, and for the girls, make up well done, completely shaved, hair well done and smelling sweet. Strive to always look your best, like a model anywhere you go. This will increase your chances of making a new friend. Never leave your house looking a mess. This is one sure way of not making a new friend.

“Be confident in yourself, and speak to someone new today, you may just make a new friend” – Yannick Theodore



How To Have a Healthy Relationship


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Having relationship problems? Is your relationship not as fun as it used to be? Is your relationship boring and monotonous? Having trouble maintaining a healthy relationship? This is the article for you.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is never an easy task. It takes lots of hard work and dedication. Some may believe all you need is to be well endowed, and your relationship will be healthy, but that could not be further from the truth. Maintaing a healthy relationship is something that needs to be practiced over a lengthy period of time. For you see a relationship is like a child, it needs to be nurtured and developed, so it can grow. If the relationship is not nurtured and developed it cannot grow and thus becomes an unhealthy relationship, that both you and your spouse no longer want to be in. To avoid this the following tips must be followed.

Be-Honest 222

Be Honest

It is very important that you are as honest as possible to your spouse. Honesty is the best policy.  Be honest about what you like about your relationship, what you hate and what annoys you. Don’t be rude or disrespectful about it, but be courteous and respectful. Honesty is what holds the relationship together. If you are in a relationship with someone who is not honest consider leaving that relationship at once.


Listen To Your Partner

Listening to your partner will help resolve differences without arguing. Also listening to your partner enhances your relationship in many ways. Listening helps you explore each others personalities more deeply. There are no down sides to listening.

show affection

Show Affection

It is imperative that you show affection constantly when trying to maintain a healthy relationship. If not your partner/spouse may not know that they are loved. It is a common misconception that your partner/spouse should know that you love them, without having to show affection, but that is false. Your partner/spouse can only know they are loved when affection is shown. There’s a difference between knowing that you’re loved and feeling that you’re loved. Remember that. Always try to do something nice for your partner. Whether it is buy them a gift/take them to the movies, regardless what it is do something nice for your partner/spouse that you know he/she will truly appreciate. Don’t be afraid to show physical affection every once in a while. Loving relationships feed off of the little kisses, hugs, and back-rubs that are signs of affection.


Give Him/Her Space

Everyone needs their own privacy and some freedom, so don’t constantly watch everything partner/spouse does. Everyone hates to be watched, stifled and controlled. Try to give your partner/spouse ample space. Do not ever spy on your partner/spouse (reading his/her phone, stalking him/her on social networks, following him/her around). If he/she is cheating on you, you will find out. These things cannot be kept secret for very long. But if you spy on him/her and he/she is innocent, you will lose his trust and respect forever. Your relationship will be ruined forever.


Be Loyal

Make sure to put your partner/spouse first as much as you can. Also make sure that he/she knows you will always be there for them. That is fundamental when trying to maintain a healthy relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that you never have to talk to anyone else, or date someone else, but be sure to make your partner/spouse know that they can always count on you if you need something. Further more expect the same loyalty from him/her.

keep promises

Keep Your Promises

When you say you’re going to do something do it. Don’t say you will do something and it never gets done. This is annoying and destroys trust. Trust is important in a relationship. Relationships need trust in order to thrive. If you say you’re going to do something you should try to ensure that it gets done to the best of your ability. This will ensure that you have a healthy long lasting relationship.

“Maintaining a healthy relationship is never an easy task. It takes lots of hard work and dedication” – Yannick Theodore