10 Ways Of Enjoying Yourself


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 Having trouble enjoying yourself? Don’t know what to do to enjoy yourself? Don’t go out much? Worried you will never find something to do? Worried you will never go out again? This is the article just for you. I have just the solution. Follow my tips below and you will be going out and enjoying yourself in no time.

After a long hard day, we all need to relax and enjoy ourselves, the problem is most of us don’t know what to do to enjoy ourselves. This is always a major problem. At times it can be very difficult trying to figure out what you want to do, when you have no idea, what is there to do. This may be frustrating at times, but do not despair, I am here to help. In order to enjoy yourself you can:


Listen To Music

Listening to music is a great way of enjoying yourself. Music helps you relax and feel good. After a long hard day, turn on your iPod/ipad, mac book, or Microsoft laptop and listen to some of your favourite tracks. This will really help you enjoy yourself, whether you are alone or not. Believe me it works.


Have A Picnic With Family/Friends

Having a picnic is another great way of enjoying yourself, and someones company. Picnics foster togetherness and encourage persons to socialize and communicate more. Picnics are also deliciously fun! Try it sometime. Offer to have a picnic next holiday, and find out for yourself.


Go Hiking

Hiking is a fun way of enjoying yourself. Hiking is also a great form of exercise and great for bonding with friends. Hiking helps the blood circulate, and it’s a great cardio work out. Next time you have free time, call up your friends or family and organize a hiking trip. It will be fun. A bit exhausting, but fun.


Play Video Games/Board Games

Playing games is an excellent way of enjoying yourself, whether you are with someone or not. Playing video games is hours of non stop fun. Playing video games allows you to kick back and relax. Playing video games could also is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Playing board games as well is fun and a great way to meet new people. It is also allows you to kick back and relax.


Go To The Beach/Pool

If you’re bored at home, and don’t know what to do, try going to the beach/pool! The beach/pool is a great, fun way of enjoying yourself. Simply call up some friends, or family and make a beach date. It is loads of fun! Going to the beach is a good form of exercise as well. Great for the biceps and thighs. Next time you’re at the beach try taking a jog up and down the beach, you’ll see for yourself. Going to the beach also helps you make new friends and meet new people.


Watch Netflix And Chill

Watching Netflix is the best thing you can do when bored. Netflix has the most amazing movies, shows, comedies known to man. Netflix is the best app ever created. Netflix is a movie app, with thousands and thousands of movies, shows, comedies and lots more! You and your family can spent countless hours watching Netflix, and never get bored!


Have A BBQ

Having a BBQ is a magnificent way of enjoying yourself. It’s totally fun, and totally delicious. Barbeques are a great way of bringing families and friends together, for hours and hours of fun and gossip. Having a BBQ is a great way of finding out the latest gossip/news. Having a BBQ is also a great way of meeting new family members, or friends. Who knows, you may even meet your future wife/husband at a BBQ.


Make Pizza From Scratch

When bored and at home with friends or family, try making a pizza! Making a pizza is easy and fun. So easy the whole family can do it. Making pizza is a great way of making friends as well. Making pizza also allows a family to bond and come closer together. Plus is totally delicious.

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Write Songs/ Poetry

Writing songs/poetry is very relaxing. Could be difficult at times, but is very relaxing. Writing songs/poems is a great way of expressing yourself and your inner feelings. Writing songs can also help persons with anger. It is a great way of opening up and letting others know how you feel. Who knows you may just become a famous singer one day.


Have Sex

Another great way of enjoying yourself is by having sex. Sex is pleasurable and fun. Sex helps two persons bond, and get along. Sex is a great stress reliever as well, if done well. Sex is good for you. Sex helps with circulation of blood through out the body. Try it sometime, when bored with nothing to do, go have sex.

“There’s always something to do, you just have to think for a minute” – Yannick Theodore