How to Be a Better Kisser

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I’m sure most of you guys out there must be saying, I don’t need any tips on how to be a good kisser, I’m the best already, but thats where you are wrong! For you to be the best, you have to first know what you are doing! For even a blind man can eat, but does he know what he is eating? Will you call him the best eater? That is exactly the same concept with kissing. I know you may believe it is the easiest activity out there, but in actuality, a lot of preparation has to be undertaken. That is why I have taken the liberty of listing those preparations. My tips on how to be a better kisser is for your betterment, your personal development and to ensure that you don’t get publicly humiliated. No one wants that to happen, now do they?  You need to perfect the art, and I shall help you!
With that said I shall begin. Kissing should be an enjoyable activityThe more relaxed and confident you feel, the better your kisses will be. Try to always be fully present, and involved in what’s going on! If you are distracted or overly nervous, it will be harder to deliver  a passionate kiss. The objective is to always deliver the most passionate kiss you have ever in life. For this to happen you must always try to ensure you and your partner are comfortable. You must always keep your lips well hydrated and you must exfoliate your lips often using a toothbrush. You must also prepare your lips. This involves keeping your lips relaxed and slightly open. This lets your partner know that you are ready for a kiss. Try to avoid puckering up. I know this is what is portrayed in movies, but puckering only sends the wrong message, and makes kissing physically difficult. Tackle dryness with chapstick or by licking your lips slightly. For the women, try using lipgloss or flavored chapstick. This makes your lips irresistibly soft, shinny, and tasty. It is always advisable to freshen your breath before every and any kiss. The importance of good oral hygiene cannot be underestimated when it comes to kissing. Bad breath is the worst kind of turn-off. To avoid this always remember to floss and brush your teeth before your date and keep a small packet of mints on your person throughout the evening, so you can quickly pop one in your mouth as soon as things start to heat up! If you are going on a dinner date, stay away from pungent or malodorous food. Avoid things like cheese, fish, raw onions, or anything heavy on garlic. Now this part is very important. For you and your partner to even begin kissing, both you guys must be on the same page and aware of what’s going on. For this to take place you must set the mood. This involves maintaining eye contact, smiling and imagining you guys are already in the act of kissing. Some people get so nervous before the first kiss with a new partner that they end up talking too much in order to fill the silence. Avoid doing this as it could ruin the moment and make your partner lose interest. If you are in the middle of a conversation, but want to be kissing instead, simply slow it down, and lower your voice slightly to signal to your partner that you are ready to stop talking. Now if after you have tried all the above tips, and your partner still does not realize by now, don’t give up, I still got a few tips up my sleeve to help you. This next tip is sure to have your partner get the picture. Now when you are ready, and you have decided that the time is right, slowly take a step closer to your partner and lean in. Once close enough, you can do something intimate like touching your partner’s face or brushing the hair out of their eyes right before you lean in, to turn up the romance. At every point remember you must maintain eye contact to determine whether to tilt your head to the left or to the right. Remember to move your head in the opposite direction to your partner’s. You should also tilt your head back slightly and point your lips and chin forward to avoid banging your foreheads together. 
By this point, if your partner really likes you and style, they should realize what you have been thinking. The kiss should be magical and enjoyable if you follow all my tips word for word, no worries. Thats how you kiss like the best of them! Now you are ready and know how to kiss, go out there and enjoy some passionate kissing!

“Gain knowledge with great haste, and don’t participate in the hate!” – Yannick Theodore

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